The Box

Harry held a wood box in his hands, darkness surrounding him with a small unseen light illuminating him. In his head a voice spoke, “Do not open the box.” The voice did not stop, but Harry couldn’t listen. He lifted the lid. Inside he found darkness, the inside of the box went on forever. Deep … Continue reading The Box


I Won’t Back Down

I don't know why it happened. I know that alcohol was involved, or at least that's the scapegoat I'm going to pin it on. It's convenient like that, and as with most good stories it has at least some role to play. I'm not a Tom Petty fan. Something about his voice tends to make … Continue reading I Won’t Back Down

Light from the Heavens – Austin L. Wiggins

Ozone lingered in the air while the humidity increased sharply. Grey clouds floated above and a deeper darkness awaited in the distance. A wind which had toppled trees roared through the air. Tamika was standing in a courtyard minding a textbook under an overhang, enjoying the gusts of wind.  Her students ran from room to … Continue reading Light from the Heavens – Austin L. Wiggins

No Take Back

"No, that one doesn't count!" he shouted into the closed confines of the truck cab. "It's the same one, it just took the off-ramp." Jay looked at Adam and shrugged his shoulders. "Maybe it did. Maybe it didn't. We have no possible way of knowing. All I know is I called it and it's mine." … Continue reading No Take Back

The Cold to Come – Austin L. Wiggins

The noon sun beat down on the city of rubble and ash and dirt. Color had long vanished from the buildings due to the constant baking of the sun, and a perpetual grey monochrome conquered the entire city. If it weren’t for the footsteps of the fifteen person caravan the city would have been enveloped … Continue reading The Cold to Come – Austin L. Wiggins

Happy – Austin L. Wiggins

Rain finished gracing the earth in April and the subsequent bloom in May produced vibrant flora. Over the following weeks photographers of both the amateur and professional varieties trampled splotches of the bloom-age into the clay. The bloom in area was so great it could be seen from space, and after a couple of weeks … Continue reading Happy – Austin L. Wiggins

Small Victories – Austin L. Wiggins

Illuminated LED lights on the clock blinked three in the morning then faded into blackness, just to return to neon red moments later. Victoria sat at a makeshift desk made of particleboard and scavenged stands and within her entire apartment there was a single light that illuminated the paper she etched into. She carved into … Continue reading Small Victories – Austin L. Wiggins