Run – C. Anderson

A silence fell upon him like a heavy blanket in the winter. The icy solitude clutches around him with an ever growing urgency. He finds himself out of breath on all fours. Scared, lost, determined. "Run!" The voice echoes in his mind. Over and over he cannot breathe every time the resounding noise ensues. "RUN!" … Continue reading Run – C. Anderson


Infected – D. Atkinson

I studied abroad nearly four years ago, now. Fall of 2014. Has it really been that long? It’s become part of my script whenever I’m on first dates, right in between what my bachelor’s degree was in and why I moved away from home. “Public relations. Yeah, I studied abroad in England. It was the … Continue reading Infected – D. Atkinson

The Day They Landed – JMA

They came peacefully, seeking the rarest gem in the cosmos. "Please," their spokesperson implored, "bring us the wisest of your kind." After much deliberation, humanity nominated an old, shriveled husk of a man and sent him out to the delegation. In hushed tones of reverence, they asked him one question. "Deliver unto us the learnings of … Continue reading The Day They Landed – JMA