DTF? – A. Stafford

I hit the curb pulling up to his house. I shouldn't be driving. “Hey, how was your night?" he greets me from his porch as I struggle with the gate handle. “Have you been drinking?” he asks in a fake laugh. “Why, what are you drinking?” I jokingly reply. I had a few drinks; you know … Continue reading DTF? – A. Stafford


Watchers in Time – D. Crowder

They had been within my mind, or at first, I’d thought they were. In reality, they were beings from beyond what my meager mind could see or understand. They had huge spherical bodies that moved almost like jellyfish floating through the air. Their tendrils touched the ground and shaped into arms and legs but were … Continue reading Watchers in Time – D. Crowder

Lunch, or a Story? – T. Robinson

“Lissen' here, Gutboy,” said Prentice, the silver-haired exterminator chimp, “I gots me a lil' story to share wif' you, so I needs you t' juss shuddup and siddown.” Gutboy was in no mood to cooperate. Gutboy was enjoying the gladiator match far too much. His low-carb roast mutton wrap with arugula was not helping matters, … Continue reading Lunch, or a Story? – T. Robinson

The Last One Night Stand – L. Seymour

The sweet scent of flesh. A loving touch. The alluring heat between two warm bodies. Heavy, intoxicating breaths. Passionate scratches on my back. I just can't have enough. I'm addicted to that sparkle in their eyes, to those fiery kisses, to the force and tempo, and to the moans that ring like symphonies to my … Continue reading The Last One Night Stand – L. Seymour

Villanova ’98 – E. Carter

Her eyes were desperate, wild and red with the fight that lies within defeat: “What do I have to live for now that he’s gone?” “Everything,” she answered. “That was there before. The rooftop sunsets, the early morning cigarettes on the beach, the grand romantic what-have-you- it’s all still there. It never left. He did. … Continue reading Villanova ’98 – E. Carter