High School Fundraiser


Are you tired of selling candy bars to raise money for your next field trip? Have you washed every car in your district to scrape up enough funding for new band instruments? We’re not saying that those old tried-and-true fundraisers don’t work; we’re saying add some spice to your repertoire.

At Arrowhead Freelance and Publishing, we believe in giving back to our local community. Education is one of the most pivotal institutions within a society, and we want to help your educational facility raise money for the things you need.

What we are offering is an opportunity to give your student body a printed voice. Stories are how people relate to one another; just because they are students does not mean their stories are not worth listening to. Whether they are fiction, fantasy, or honest autobiographical accounts, encourage your students to share their stories with us. We, in turn, will put their stories into print and provide your school with copies to sell. What parent wouldn’t want to own the printed work of their child? What member of the community wouldn’t be interested in seeing the work accomplished by your school?

If you’d like to find out more, register your school using the linformk provided below. We will contact you with more information. We hope to help you meet your fundraising needs!