Arrowhead Freelance and Publishing is a small publishing company located in Southwest Virginia. We believe that every person has a story to tell, and we want to provide them with the means to tell it. We want to preserve the voice of our local community and make the world a richer place, one story at a time.

AFP Editing:

$100/10,000 words

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  1. Thanks for following my blog and introducing me to yours.

    How did you know that my other interest – the one I don’t blog about – is creative writing? We have some common interests, although based on your posts, it looks like you have way more stamina than I. I’m more of a short short story sprinter than a endurance level novelist 🙂

    Looking forward to reading more – Sandy

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      1. do you know that can we have google adsense ads on our wordpress.com site? some blogger told me that yes we can apply for this throgh our csutome domain…but wordpress.com happiness engineers are saying that we can not have google adsense ads here..for that we have to transfer our blog to wordpress.org…so who is correct…that blogger or wordpress.com support engineer?


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