LZ Hell – Nate Parker

Check out this submission based off of today's Reddit Writing Prompt: Lieutenant Colonel Anthony Gale had grown weary of the pits of Hades. He was tired of pummeling demons in a drunken stupor. After 174 years even that became tiresome. He was ornery and itching for a real fight. The last minor fiend he had … Continue reading LZ Hell – Nate Parker


Love and Numbness – Austin L. Wiggins

Thomas wrapped his clammy hands around Andrea’s. Despite the mounting uneasiness of maintaining eye contact, Thomas gazed into her eyes. Margaret and James Kellar were coke addicts, so when their first child was born they gave him up for adoption. Margaret and James would never know it, but their child would be called Thomas after … Continue reading Love and Numbness – Austin L. Wiggins

Legend pt. 5 – Austin Wiggins

The asphalt below her feet was crumbling and decaying, and weeds had grown through the cracks. Every now and then under the especially hot sun, the smell of tar would rise from the asphalt which led many to call the it Tar Road. Heading north back into town, smelling tar and dust, Donna thought about … Continue reading Legend pt. 5 – Austin Wiggins

Legend pt. 4 – Austin Wiggins

Early the next morning there was a knock at the door which startled Donna out of bed. She thought she was still dreaming as she went to open the door. At the door was a tall man in a suit that faded from grey to a greasy black. Behind him, four muscular men stood with … Continue reading Legend pt. 4 – Austin Wiggins

Legend pt. 3 – Austin Wiggins

After the fight, Donna returned to bathroom and changed. “I fucked up bad,” she said to herself as she changed. Donna opened the bathroom door with her bag slowly, hoping not to draw attention to herself, but the glass-eyed-man was already there waiting. “What the fuck, Donna?” “I did what I had to do.” “Had … Continue reading Legend pt. 3 – Austin Wiggins

Legend pt.1 – Austin Wiggins

The makeshift arena was made from rusted fencing and rope fishermen once used on the docks. The building housing the arena was a warehouse battered by bombs, and melted glass had solidified into pools inside the building. Murk filled the air both inside and outside the building, and the pollution blocking out the sun only … Continue reading Legend pt.1 – Austin Wiggins

Frank’s Lemonade: Free through Monday

If you liked Frank’s Lemonade, own it now at no charge! Like any boy his age, Frank wants fun toys to play with. His parents are hard-working, but they are not well off. To get the toys he wants, Frank starts his very own lemonade stand. But running a business isn’t as easy as he thought … Continue reading Frank’s Lemonade: Free through Monday