Chronicles of NaNoWriMo-nia: 5th Wave

5 After the feast Jacob felt an overwhelming fatigue. He knew that his mind and body were probably in shock from the fanciful world around him, and he had been mentally reviewing all the information that Otto had shared with him. It was moments like this that he could appreciate having a plan; flying by … Continue reading Chronicles of NaNoWriMo-nia: 5th Wave


Chronicles of NaNoWriMo-nia: 4

4 Jacob emerged from the smoky tent and took a deep breath. He was hungry. Waking up in a strange place, running, and then sitting on the edge of your seat while it was determined whether or not you should die could build up an appetite. He wasn't sure what was roasting on the open … Continue reading Chronicles of NaNoWriMo-nia: 4

Lessons from NaNoWriMo

I won't lie, I have not been a professional writer for long. Even this format is new to me (as I'm sure you can tell by the basic layout). It is a craft that I am continuously trying to hone, day in and day out. The reason I am trying is because I have stories that I … Continue reading Lessons from NaNoWriMo

Chronicles of NaNoWriMo-nia: Level 3

3 They led him through the woods to their village. In total, the hike through the forest didn't take longer than ten minutes. Had he kept running, he probably would have come crashing through the underbrush into a village of armed guards. It was a good thing he had tripped when he did. Along the … Continue reading Chronicles of NaNoWriMo-nia: Level 3

Chronicles of NaNoWriMo-nia: Part Deux

2 "Save us?" asked the leader. The confusion in his voice was apparent. "What are you going to save us from?" Jacob put his hands in his pockets as he started walking around the group. They kept their crossbows trained on him, but he could see that his sudden pronouncement had reduced some of the … Continue reading Chronicles of NaNoWriMo-nia: Part Deux

Chronicles of NaNoWriMo-nia: Chapter the First

Every year NaNoWriMo starts the same for me. I spend weeks and weeks preparing a story, and then the moment that the clock starts ticking, I have a slight moment where I freeze. The house of cards that I have painstakingly stacked begins to crumble before my eyes, and every good idea I thought I … Continue reading Chronicles of NaNoWriMo-nia: Chapter the First