School Days – K. Ingalls

“If I don’t do it, nobody else will,” she thought to herself as she threw the covers off and rolled out of bed. The persistent beeping of the alarm on her phone reminded her that she needed to leave in promptly forty-five minutes. Hurriedly, she showered as her husband woke their daughter and got their … Continue reading School Days – K. Ingalls


Thick as Thieves

The light was harsh and bright. I quickly turned away, covering my face with my hands and pulling down the hood further. "Robert." It was Jim, my neighbor. I had stolen his golfing trophy last month. "This is for your own good. You need to stop." I made some noncommittal noise and pawed at the window … Continue reading Thick as Thieves

Light from the Heavens – Austin L. Wiggins

Ozone lingered in the air while the humidity increased sharply. Grey clouds floated above and a deeper darkness awaited in the distance. A wind which had toppled trees roared through the air. Tamika was standing in a courtyard minding a textbook under an overhang, enjoying the gusts of wind.  Her students ran from room to … Continue reading Light from the Heavens – Austin L. Wiggins

Small Victories – Austin L. Wiggins

Illuminated LED lights on the clock blinked three in the morning then faded into blackness, just to return to neon red moments later. Victoria sat at a makeshift desk made of particleboard and scavenged stands and within her entire apartment there was a single light that illuminated the paper she etched into. She carved into … Continue reading Small Victories – Austin L. Wiggins