The Beginning – T. Miller

  The Salt Star, a cargo ship, rocked back and forth against the cold sea waves. The captain grew nervous as the storm seemed to grow worse instead of dying down. Ravmoria, Nialias, Taj’nele and Kate all laid in their bunks, listening to the waves crash against the side of the boat. The storm didn’t … Continue reading The Beginning – T. Miller


Into the Sunset – C. Fillmore

“Gee,” Jesse noted, squinting painfully into the sunset’s incessantly brilliant rays. “S’awfully bright.” “Yea,” agreed his partner, Jessie, bouncing steadily on her trusty Appaloosa while her white-gloved hand attempted in vain to shield her watering eyes. “Sure is. Stings like an angry yellow jacket, it does.” “Hm.” Silence. Awkward, uncomfortable riding. The shifting wind swept … Continue reading Into the Sunset – C. Fillmore

A Trip to Teezle’s – M. Swanson

Noir runoff wetted the hopeless cement walks of Luther City’s Umbra district—slang name for Luther’s gross city underbelly. The grim, decrepit steel adobes squashed forgotten below the more civilized upper-district arcologies. Intentionally avoided, covered-up—bad kids ended up there, warned their scared, anxious parents. Drugs, guns, stolen low-grade biotech, organ theft, seedy red-light underworld machinations—Umbra was … Continue reading A Trip to Teezle’s – M. Swanson