I Saw Us Changing


I saw us being born, pure and white. I saw us under the dome, protected from all. I saw us opening our eyes to look beyond the ceiling. I saw us break through. And I felt the pressure, shattering the glass and shower us in a million little lights.

Those beady eyes, innocent and virgin pierced through the darkness. And they brought hope with them; murderous hope, a desire that fed us fuel to power through. And slowly, I saw the white getting darker but not dirtier.

I saw the tenderest of blue poking its head, emerging as we looked to the starry sky, seeing promise of what we could become, all the colors we could explore, all the hues we could create. I saw us become who we were.

And then, it just kept getting better. Because it was exciting. All the shades, all the tints — they were endless. And it coaxed exploration, the palettes of the world a palatable invitation.

Through yellow meadows and fields of green, I saw us running, in deep blue seas we swam. I saw us bolting and never stopping. I saw us dancing a little tango of colors, swirling into a rainbow. And I saw us become a brilliant sapphire, reflecting all the colors of the world.

I saw us stare disgustingly at the black, and the purple and other colors we could not describe. They were gnarly, sucking us in. I felt them, like black holes, yearning for our tints. So we ran, and we ran. We ran incessantly. Away from them we bolted, lest their shadows dampened our dashing shades.

And then, a strange hue reflected upon us. We turned our heads together, and our eyes settled on red. The most brilliant of red. And our minds agreed in unison. We wanted red, and the ruby hue was all we could think about. And so we joined red. And scarlet ran down the streets, our paths entwined, red and blue, and blue and red.

I saw us look back, at our feet, at our cities. I saw us swell in pride at what we had created. And I saw the red and the blue, no longer on their own. Instead, they had joined in one hue — a strange hue we had never thought of.

We stared at our feet, and then at each other. Because we were no longer blue. And they were no longer red. And I saw our lips, move silently together. I heard us asking what we had become while we ran through the cities, never asking if we wanted to change. A tangled mess of a thousands hues joined together to form a grotesque shade. And we could not tell who was blue, and we could not tell who was red.

I saw us white, I saw us blue. I saw us change and become black.

And now, the pure white core inside of me fears it will never come back.


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