The Skinny Dipping Geek

Ashley and her family have been invited to stay at James’ family’s beach house with them for the summer. Ashley and James are both 20 year old college juniors. They are both great friends, though Ashley is much more outgoing and popular of the two, and James is a complete chubby bookworm geek. They are just friends, but Ashley does admit to herself that James has a surprisingly cute bubble butt. “Now is the time to do something out of character. When nobody will see.”, James mutters to himself as he stands outside the backyard area. He is wearing a t-shirt and a red bathing suit on top of his exposed, white, slightly chubby flesh. He closes his eyes. The t-shirt and the bathing suit hit the floor. And James runs, naked as a jaybird, into the cool summer morning air. Ashley decides to head to the beach house on her own much earlier in the morning than they were told to arrive. Give James the geek a little morning surprise. James and his family already got there the night before. She walks out to the backyard at 7:00 am. Much to her surprise, she can see James already swimming in their large in-ground pool. Through the crystal clear water, she can immediately tell from James’ bare bottom that he’s been doing some secret early morning skinny dipping! When James sees her, he freezes up, strategically covers below and tenses IMMEDIATELY. He says “oh—h-h-hey Ashley. Just..uh, getting a few swimming laps in. If you just—uh—go inside I’ll be there in a minute.” It is immediately obvious to Ashley that James is as naked as the day he is born. She glances at James clothes just beyond the sliding door, and what might as well be his dignity, lying right there, directly within her grasp. “I bet you would like me to head inside, wouldn’t ya, nature boy?” James blushes as red as a beet. “I think if this bare-assed virgin in front of me is brave enough to run out here starkers, he should be man enough to run back into his house as naked as can be. Have fun, nekkid boy.” She coldly scoops up every stitch James had on, and runs laughing into the house. A panic-stricken, butt naked James floats there in the cool water, as vulnerable as he can possibly be. And realizes what he must do. His embarrassing skinny dipping experiment has now turned into streaking in broad daylight. He can only pray that Mrs. Henderson next door isn’t up making coffee yet! As bare as can be, he creeps out of the pool, covering his tiny package for dear life. He sprints past Ashley who is laughing so hard that tears are streaming down her face. His jiggling, naked bottom as he rushes right past his shocked, but laughing mother. This story of the naked boy on the loose will fill 20 years worth of Thanksgivings to come. As a nude James sits in the room after, he cringes at the laughter. He knows it is about him. And of course, he didn’t even run into his room. He ran into the guest room, completely empty, Just as bare as he is.


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