The Rainbow Aftermath

It was before the dusk when David gazed through the window. It was darker than the usual. The sinking sun was covered by the monsoon clouds. There was no one around at home, except the two. “Sara, It’s going to be the last rain of your life,” Said David. A shiver went up to her spine. Sara was horrified by the thought that she was going to die. He knew David very well. He can do it. In a moment, the rain started pouring out from the grey. The rain had been always special for them. When David and Sara met for the first time, it has rained that day too. That evening was pleasant and misty. The pitter patter around was rhythmic with those beating hearts. The glitter in the David’s eyes was comparable with those of the droplets’. The fragrance of the wet soil got mixed with the Sara’s, just to make it the most beautiful fragrance that David had ever smelled. They got all wet and little they care. The rainbow aftermath was beautiful just like a cherry on the top. Picture perfect for them.

Over the years, things have changed. It doesn’t pour any pleasant now; same as the relation among them. David has evolved to be furious and dangerous, just like the rain. Being the villain, it usually rains heavily and torrential. The thunders were frequent and horrific. The love they shared, was vanished. Same way the sun does when it pours. “What you wish for, Sara? The last wish,” David asked softly yet intensely. “Let me go, David. You’re not doing it right,” Sara tried hard not to look scared. “As if what you have done to me is right!” David screamed out and threw the photograph of Sara and Matt in anger, which he had holded for so long. Matt, the guy for which Sara cheated on David. “You deserve it, David. You’re good for nothing. Even your parents have left you, what do you expect from me, mothering your kids? No, it was not a miscarriage, I’ve aborted. You can’t be a good father. Sorry to say David, you’re a loser, mere a loser!” It was too harsh from Sara, same way the downpour was to the roof. David’s face was dead, no expression what so ever. He took out the gun, which he had thought would be required, and pointed it to Sara. Terrified completely, Sara tried to escape. But there was nothing that she could do. David ran behind her and grabbed her hand from the wrist. The pitter patter out there was getting lowered as the heart beats rose. David’s eyes were full of blood. That glitter, that shine, was covered by the anger within. Just like the mud does to the flowers. The blood flowing through the veins was cold, as the flowing breeze was. “The end has arrived,” Sara thought to herself as she gulped down. David was holding her tightly from behind, he can’t let her escape. All he was waiting for was a thunder to struck, as it could cover the sound of the gun fire. “David, if you have ever loved me then don’t do it. What you will get from killing me?” Sara broked into tears. “Yes I won’t get nothing,” said David, smilingly. There was a strangeness in his smile. Strangeness that shadowed the pain in it. A thunder strucked finally. David closed his eyes and pressed the trigger. Sara heard the both sounds. Blood splashed all over her face, but it wasn’t her. She felt the grip on her wrist loosened. She looked behind. David was down, his face was dead, no expression what so ever. The rain stopped pouring. The clouds got cleared. The rainbow aftermath was horribly beautiful.


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