The Choice

Once upon a time there was a protagonist who loved two things: their principles, and their person. Life wasn’t perfect, by any means, but when difficulty came their way, they faced it with confidence and always prevailed. They prevailed because they were not alone. Their person was always there to support them, and their principles were there for guidance.

But fate was conspiring against them. At first it seemed such an insignificant issue, mere hints of trouble, easily ignored. Then something shocking happened, and they realised the horrific truth: the person and their principles were incompatible, the protagonist would have to choose one or the other.

The choice was impossible, and they refused to make it. Instead they searched for a way to keep both. A plan was formulated, and the protagonist committed to making it happen. It was the hardest thing they’d ever done, but they struggled until it was almost complete. At the last moment, when it seemed all the work had been done, when success was within their grasp, they discovered an even more shocking truth. Their person and their principles were more incompatible than they had realised. The plan was always doomed to fail. It failed catastrophically. So catastrophically they were left with neither their principles nor their person.

To get one back, the choice had to be made, and made now. So the protagonist chose their person. They didn’t have much time, a plan had to be improvised. It was a struggle from the outset, a struggle even harder than the last, but their commitment to their person was unwavering. As they gave every bit of their effort, fate taunted them, offering a way to easily keep their principles, if they would only accept losing their person forever. They refused. They fought and fought against seemingly impossible odds. At the very end, when all seemed lost, they were willing to sacrifice everything else in their life for the sake of their person. Their person was moved to their core: they loved the protagonist so much they couldn’t bear them sacrificing so much. The person chose to be lost. As they sacrificed themselves, the protagonist was given back their principles and a path back to the life they had before, only better.

The protagonist never forgot their person, and faithfully clung to their principles, as a way of honouring their memory.

The End.


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