If Only

My alarm rang and I looked towards it in disgust. Silently cursing it, I turned it off and got out of bed. I reluctantly took a shower and got dressed.

As I headed down for breakfast, the sweet scent of pancakes drifted up my nose and I was immediately excited. I munched down as many as I could before leaving for school.

The school bus is just a bunch of different worlds. Some kids are still sleeping, some are actually studying, some are just talking with their buddies while the rest just cause chaos.

“Dude, watch this,” Richie said to me, showing me a video on his phone. “He dribbled past two defenders and then scored! This guy is awesome!”

Math is so boring. And confusing. I’ve been sitting in this class for only 5 minutes but it already feels like an eternity. Just one minute after the teacher started talking, I stopped understanding what he was talking about. I looked around to see what everyone else was doing.

Only a few kids were taking notes and actually paying attention. I could see a couple of kids watching a movie on their phones; some kids in the back were making paper planes to disturb the class. The rest were either sleeping or were about to. I was feeling drowsy too, I put my head down and shut my eyes.

“Wake up. Wake up!”

I quickly opened my eyes. Ron was standing at the foot of my bed, completely dressed. Alas, it was just a dream. I guess I should get ready for Defense Against Dark Arts…


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