Somewhere in the Universe

It was just another sunny afternoon in the lakeside village. The worn out grown ups were having a siesta, while the children came out to play. And so, Mark left his house to play with his friend, Jenny. After a long debate, they decided to play hide and seek, like they always do. It was decided that Mark would hide; so, he ran off as Jenny shut her eyes and counted to ten. Mark ran for some time till he saw a crate large enough to hide him. He waited behind it, fully convinced that she would never find him. “Ready or not, here I come!” he heard, and softly giggled to himself.

A whole minute passed and Mark’s smile was broader than ever. He slowly peered over the crate to see if she was nearby. Seeing that the coast was clear, he took a look around the hiding place he had chosen. His smile disappeared as he laid his eyes on the pier. There had been so many rumours about the pier, he didn’t even understand some of the stories. He could hear the pier calling to him.

“You’re it!” Jenny shouted. Mark realised his head was still up and it gave away his perfect hiding place. He walked out in shame but suddenly, his face blushed with excitement.

“Let’s go to the pier!” he suggested, whispering.

“But mom said we shouldn’t go there.” she replied firmly.

“No one will see us. We will come back in a minute.”

“But Mar-”

Before she could finish, Mark grabbed her hand and ran toward the pier. It felt so different, being that close to the lake, even Jenny was smiling. They just stood there, for what felt like an eternity. Then, Mark noticed something at the end of the pier. He walked towards it, Jenny followed. As they got closer, they realised it was a huge bar of chocolate.

“Look! Doesn’t it look delicious?” Mark exclaimed.

“Do you think someone lost it?” Jenny asked.

“It’s ours now! We’ll break it into two pieces!” he said as he bent down to pick it up,

As he picked it up, he suddenly felt a powerful tug and he fell into the lake. The last thing he saw was Jenny as pale as a ghost. His eyes closed as he hit the water. It took him a few moments to open his eyes. He saw that he was being pulled deeper and deeper into the lake. He couldn’t hold his breath any more, he started wriggling around and he felt his eyes shutting.

The pull on his body suddenly came to a halt but his wriggling became more vigourous.

“What’s happening?!” the fish asked, trying to hold Mark.

“Nothing, son. The human is just trying to breath, it will stop soon. There. Dinner.”


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