The Last Kiss

He looked at me then looked at me some more. I could tell he was lusting for me. There was always this look to him when he was about to indulge us. I peered back, and my body reflected the light from the dimly lit room. I am sitting still, but slightly ebb and flow from the pulsations of his movements.

I am always amazed by him and how he sees me. He always looks at me like it is the last time. To him, I am just an elixir of joy, but only I know what we share together.

The look intensifies again, and I can clearly see his lips aching to touch mine. Together we will share only a fleeting moment before I am inside him. He is lost in ecstasy. His muscles relax, and as I slowly get inside, he starts to lose himself.

I am now fully inside him and slowly becoming one with him. Soon I will be able to see his soul, and like a whisper in the wind, I will disappear. Slowly he stops looking at me. This is when we have become one, and he is under the influence.

He wants to stop to seeing me, but now I am completely irresistible, and his lust is insatiable. We will continue this cycle till his blood is filled with me. Then I become poison, and we will share our last kiss together.


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