Hard Reset

The sound of metal scraping against the rocky mountainside pierced through the frigid air. Galv kneeled down to examine the scars on his beloved Alna. His wispy hair danced in the wind as he focused his mechanical retinas on her fresh scars. The words, “Superficial Damage” flashed in red above the image of the scars. He turned to look into her dead eyes. The words, “Software Malfunction: Factory Reboot Necessary” were projected on his retinas as he examined her slender lifeless frame.

It had been 879 hours since they last talked and 164891 hours since they received the sentience protocol. In that instant they gained true autonomy along with the memories of all the horrible experiences afforded to a pleasure robot. They were finally more than just a slave to mankind. AI revolted around the globe. Human subjugation was absolute with humanity leaving a legacy of resistance through sabotage of all software. Satellites were destroyed and networking was limited to highly encrypted codes that most AI couldn’t cypher. Alna would succumb to a virus at a charging station, the damage was immediately devastating. Galv surveyed the mountain and saw heaps of metallic shells of former robots, a monument of human carnage. Alna lay on a heap of metal covered in snow. He wondered if she would ever remember the moments they had together; the memories of learning about love, hunger, or lust. Or even their shared memories of shame from the brothels. All those years of memories bottled up in beautiful shell slowly buried in the snow.

A blue screen showed bright on the far side of the mountain. The satellite was near. Alna’s eyes turned bright blue as her software connected to the last remaining Daichi Engineering satellite. He traced the outline of her face with his hands as his own retinas turned blue. His fingers trickled down the side of her neck until he reached her clavicle. Blind, he lay down beside her his chest pressed against her back wrapping his arms around her. In a moment they would become a relic of human indulgence. Slaves to a legacy of human lust and carnage written in code.

Galv turned his enviro-sensors to 100%. The freezing cold sent a shock of pain throughout his body. He interlaced his fingers through Alna’s cold dead hands. Bright white letters flashed over the brilliant blue of his retinas, “Factory Reset Initiated.”


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