Teenage Wasteland

We grew up in a different time, we were part of something else. A time where we weren’t sure where we were going but at the same time didn’t care. We all knew it was just in service of something higher a bigger power. Politics, news, taxes, world hunger these things didn’t concern us. We didn’t revolve around the political spectrum and idolize crooks. Who we idolized was each other.

United we stood as an army. Whites, blacks, Spanish you name it. The jocks, the party Gods, the stoners, the druggies, the lowlifes, and the high class. In there for one special moment we all stood together as a true force. And I think that actually scared them. The fact so many ethnic groups and different walks of life were one.

Cars and trucks ripped up the streets day and night, the only concept of money we had was scrounging up $5 so we could get a half tank to drive around everywhere until you could scrounge up some more. You’re most serious dilemma would be what party you were going to that night or who you were hanging out with. And when things did get heavy it usually involved the opposite sex, this is really where you’re only real problems would come from, if you let it.

People were different, daring. They had bravado and class. These were real people, they had a pulse unlike whatever reject ,millennial, remake, abomination is in there now. They’re not even people. They’re robots. Soul less, no personality, no balls. Pure walking brainless machines strictly there to be put in service of some unknown future plan.

We had our own ethics, while we had a care free lifestyle we still had a concept of work and what it means to earn your money. Then after that we’d go out on the weekends and celebrate. Any reason was a reason to drink and party. We were all connected to that special time and place. We ruled our own destinies and the world was in the palm of our hands.

Then just as quickly as it started it ended. It was almost as if we were part of some big practical joke. And the punch line wasn’t pretty. It left us bloodied and swollen. Laying on the floor begging for it to stop. Those that remain from that era walk a desolate wasteland with the rest of us survivors if you even want to call us that. We were all part of an experiment, our era and this little piece of time. An experiment to determine what? Hell if I know but my own thoughts is that we were the last of the wild generation, the free thinkers, the post 70’s generation our parents grew up in, and carried those same ideals and styles of open mindedness and will to live for the moment.

They wanted to push the last of us out and they did so they could breed the new generation which consists of practical robots will no pulse set to do their bidding for them. Bodies of flesh with no free thought, no concept of passion or life. Just flesh servants.

They wanted to erase us and for better or worse they achieved it to a pretty good extent. Us left now are scattered and diminished. We’re tired, disappointed, beat down. This is it? this was our destiny and future we were so set and had our eyes on through that whole era? What a load of bullshit. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side remember that.

Now we’re shambles of a generation lost in time. They don’t tell the new ones about us because they’re afraid. Afraid it would start an up rising and start inspiring these robots to do the same. And that’s the generation gap right there. That’s the difference between us. They stay dumbed down because they can’t think for themselves and we held the knowledge and lived a different way of life with hope of a brighter future but never got it.

This is a journal of our past and not so bright future. I speak as a spokesmen for the whole threshold of a generation. We were there, we roamed the teenage wasteland.


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