Apologies, I Seem to Have Forgotten My Manners

‘As the ball-point scratches, its innards flow out, transferring an oxygenless blue Air whisks moisture away, causing the venom to harden, changing the hosts hue Poison spreads infec…’

Oh, oh my, how long have you been standing there!? Apologies, I seem to have forgotten my manners. I believe an introduction would be proper, no? I am Selfdom Hubris. This terribly tiny town graciously voted and I remain Ringleader. Unbelievably, that marks fifteen uncontested victories. I guess, they must enjoy unwavering leadership. If I’m being honest, the term accurately describing my elected employment is ‘mayor.’ That fatiguing “M” word releases a horrid ‘governmental’ ring. It’s pitiful pitch produces a resonating suppression of stamina; generating a swift, unwanted stupor of the luckless listener. I hate that. The preference of the self-imposed alias, usually, begins to be deemed acceptable due to that explanation. Approval truly lies with the dedicated devotion to resemble my created surname. If you gaze upon my attire, you’ll begin to acknowledge the thoughtful process needed to properly assemble my ensemble. The outfits cornerstone is a velveteen vest, the color of which, unmistakably corresponds with blood coagulating in the scolding summer sun. Realizing I needed to pair my chest piece with a black top hat, scavenging soon ensued. Purchase for my cap came without hesitation due to the darkness sending my mind to an unseen abyss as it lies peacefully resting at the nethermost regions of the ocean… I’m… I’m..sorry, a heavy-heart pleads for a moment alone… I’ll be right back… Apologizes. You see, a dear friend, as of last month, ceases to exist. Death’s touch was severally unexpected, just as my present audience. If I may grieve for a moment, I’ll share a his history. Possession of an extraordinary talent, granted him the ability to beautifully weave words seamlessly together, unmeaningly, exhibiting his whole-hearted passion and love for his craft. Although, creeping quietly behind was an unknown enemy, sickening his sane state. Sadly, leaving me only wasteful wishes pertaining to his inability to reveal this creature… Persuasive poems about pastures halted, surfacing stories that spilled secrets about an isolated isle. Everyone, including myself, viewed him as a delusional. Our eyes mindlessly skimmed over dried ink, not knowing what laid beneath. After his departure, I began delicately dissecting the disturbing details left immortalized. I endlessly poured over his short stories. It consumed me. Before long, the classification of fiction seemed misplaced, given only to protect the readers reality. A reality that’s been so carefully coached it confirms the subjects compliance. Briefly removing myself from this idea, released the venomous design.
Unenlightened, I persisted, digging deeper. Helplessly addicted, personal excitement promoted a haphazard environment. The speed of my focused fingers feverishly flipping page after page created a slight draft to emerge. Remorsefully, allowing a shrouded smog to be whisked away, freeing concealed villains, who now celebrate freedom, no long suffering from an imposed imprisonment. Devils dance as their intoxication lead to tingling senses. Soon expecting an ungodly withdraw, the search for a hidden habitat grabs their attention. Choosing a cloaked cover allots invaluable time. Planning begins to commence… Thoughts of unleashing horrible horrors soon reach a pinnacle, anticipating the stamped seal of approval. Shelters’ safety now meaning nothing, creates crazed comrades uncontrollably inch into striking distance… Regretfully, I must admit, these recent outlandish outbursts plague me. Symptoms, I must imagine, my late friend experienced. A feeling of demonic eyes caressing my innocences strikes me as certain. Denying a doctors detention, a dangerous self-diagnosis exposed evil pondering about; scouting my sanity, exploring my fiber, trying to find a long forgotten passageway. A sinful struggle internally ensues. The nature of which, depressingly, causes my defenses to fail. Opting for the possibility of safety, I surrender the carefully guarded blueprints. Enemy’s battle plans quickly adapt. The generously gifted knowledge grants a ghastly claw to greedily grip the unlatched handle. My miserably mistaken judgement guiltfully quivers as agonizing affliction attacks an already suffering subconscious. While paranoid armies dig in, assuring mission completion, waves of brutal battery bash against my senses. Prideful battalions fanatically rush forward, filling their packs with assumed wealth, rationalizing the stolen goods as reparations. Soldiers insert themselves within my soul, lurking inside my sprit. A broken body becomes the humble host, granting the horrible hounds a home to slowly feast on my virtue…Why…God…why… It..it happened again, didn’t it? That emotional eruption displays what I’ve warned you about… Please, there’s no need to mask your terror, I notice your recoil. Fright fills your eyes. By now, you’re relinquishing the faith you’ve previously held concerning my sanity. Aren’t you? Be honest. I, too, harbor similar inclinations. Unlike yourself, I can not run. For the necessary illusiveness evades me, I can never be artful enough to dodge my infested demons. My childish fantasies, concerning survival, do not concern them. An understanding, that escape is impractical has been engrained in their hellish mind. Strengthening their grasp, is a historic knowledge that their grotesque grip will forever maintain. Feeding them the needed energy to strangle my final shard of sensible sense. Now, putting all that miserable minutia behind us, I strongly suggest you stay awhile. Oh jeez, I seem to have forgotten my manners again, my sincerest apologies. I promise that won’t happen again. In appreciation for your time, I’ve poured a drink and gathered a seat, enjoy. Now take a seat…Make sure to pay close attention. For, this insanely insightful introduction has just begun…

~To be Dragged Out~

Sincerely Surnamed, Ringleader

-Selfdom Hubris


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