Refusing to waste the day in front of the TV and having no money to get wasted, leaves me with but one option. Pace around the house. It’s a gray morning. Two cups of coffee and I already want more. It’s hard to tell what the clouds have in store for today. Everyone is off doing their important things and I can’t even take one step in the right direction. It’s only circles for me. Too many more days like this and I’ll wear through the floors. I must’ve walked five miles already; my mind is exhausted. Sure, there is something I want. I even know how to get it. The sky begins to lighten, maybe I can go today. I stop pacing and look to the door. Yes, I can do this.

“Tornado warning in your area, take shelter.” After a pause comes the rain. Then the wind and the darkness come marching forward. It gets louder, hail begins knocking against the windows. I can see the impending violence about to unfold. This storm was sent to stop me. I can only wait in the cyclone’s path of destruction. The swirling winds have come to rip me to shreds. Just when I see what it is that I truly desire, these storms come. I need to hide. Just for thinking of going after it has sent this whirlwind to remind me I can’t have it.

I know the safest place is a bathroom in the basement. The wind is howling. I need to get down there, sit in the doorway and close my eyes. Just maybe I’ll survive this one. I’ve been lucky so far. Wait, these storms come all the time and the house is always fine. It’s getting louder, the hail is sure to break the glass soon. To tell the truth, I don’t think I’ve ever seen one of these cyclones. Get downstairs, it’s going to get you! I go up to the window and look out. What, no cows being whipped around in the sky? It sure looks violent out there, but the house seems to be holding up fine. I press my face up to the glass and feel the hail. Sure, it’s loud but I barely feel a thing.

Then as quickly as it began, the winds let up. The hail turns back to a calm drizzle. Darkness turns to light. Glancing up, to see the roof still intact. I look back outside survey the damage. No trees have been uprooted, the houses haven’t crumbled, and no bodies lay strewn about. I hear birds chirping as the sun shows itself. I keep searching for some destruction. At least I know what I want has been carried off. No, there it is unscathed.


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