Dropping Rain

Little Johnny Taylor was staring out the window of his room as the rain poured down. Johnny was a 9 year old boy, slightly big for his age, wearing and a Captain Amazing T-Shirt. He was laying in his bed motionless. His mother was watching day time talk shows on TV. He was out of school. None of the kids in school liked him so he didn’t have any friends to play with. He was bored.

Johnny’s room normally had toys, comics, and clothes spread all over the place, but after a loud speech from his mother, Johnny made a half hearted effort to tidy up. Things were as disorganized as ever, but the mess was out of sight. Stuffed in his closet and underneath his bed. Normally one could hear the background noise of the TV from Johnny’s room when the door of the room was opened, but Johnny couldn’t hear anything at the moment. His mind was totally blank. He didn’t blink. He barely breathed. His vision was focused on the drops of water coming down from the sky. His mind was nowhere to be found.

One of the rain drops stopped in midair as it passed Johnny’s window. It hovered for a moment. Johnny didn’t notice. The rain drop then went upwards, against the grain of the rest of the rain shower. Then another rain drop, and another rain drop went against the flow. Until suddenly the flow of all the rain outside Johnny’s window went upwards.

A clap of thunder so loud that could be heard for miles snapped Johnny back to reality. With that, the rain that had been going upwards suddenly splashed downwards all at once. Johnny wasn’t a bright kid. His report card was proof of that, but he knew enough that things that were meant to come down, like the rain, didn’t normally go up. He also knew that being on the top floor of his apartment building meant that there was no way someone, somehow could make the rain go up outside his window even if they wanted to.

Johnny’s arms and legs felt weak. He was a little bit dizzy. Maybe that had something to do with the rain? Maybe Johnny had done it, like the Fantastic Man and Phenomenal Girl comics that Johnny liked so much. Could he do it again if he tried? Johnny’s imagination ran wild with the possibilities. Fight crime? Teach the kids at school a lesson?

He focused. His vision blurred. As he struggled he held his breath. His faced turned red, and … nothing. Nothing happened. The rain kept pouring down, hitting his window normally. He felt even more light headed now. The room was spinning faster, and he suddenly felt thirsty. He laid down for a few moments while he regained his senses.

Johnny’s mother called him from the living room. She probably wanted him to go to the store, he thought. Maybe the rain was just a day dream?


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