Thick and Thin

I just want some criticism on how to improve my writing and develop plots.

“I cannot complain about my life right now.”, thinking to myself as I sigh and try to count my blessings instead. I have a good paying job, a roof above my head, and a husband that is always waiting for me to come home. My life sucks, but some have it worse so I just live through every day and rush home to get back to my loving husband. Although, everything is not how it was before the “accident”. He almost left me, we were about to be separated, I only begged him to stay. “Honey, I’m home!”, I called out to him when I opened the door. But he did not greet me like how he used to. I went straight to the kitchen and opened up the fridge to get the leftover spaghetti from last night. “Are you coming down to eat with me?”, I shouted. Still no answer. I heated my meal and ate all by myself. I miss when he would cook for me and we will have a candle-lit dinner. I shook the idea out of my head. I am just tired. I cannot complain, everything may be different, but at least he stayed. He is upstairs, waiting for me. The thought of him made me hot, so I tossed my half-eaten dinner in the kitchen sink and ran upstairs to wash up. I did not put my clothes back on and hurriedly went to our bedroom, where I saw him lying in bed. I jumped on to him and we made love. I am on top of him and rode him all night. After I finish, a couple of times already, I shifted and lied beside him. It is exhausting to be the only one moving. I became dominant when the power in this house shifted. But it does not matter as long as it works and keeps us together. “I love you”, I said but the words barely made it out of my lips. I miss the days when he would roll over and kiss me before I fall asleep, but he can no longer do anything as he is already dead. So I just closed my eyes, yearning for tomorrow when he will always be the one I would see first when I wake up.


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