Run – C. Anderson


A silence fell upon him like a heavy blanket in the winter. The icy solitude clutches around him with an ever growing urgency. He finds himself out of breath on all fours. Scared, lost, determined.


The voice echoes in his mind. Over and over he cannot breathe every time the resounding noise ensues.


The voice louder now as he squeezes his eyes tight. Holding his hands to his ears he screams at the thought, “NO!”

A single word is not enough to quell the emotions he was feeling within his mind, his heart, his body. The voice would not let him go so easily. He must push on. He stands to his feet and looks around.


The fire at his naked feet swelled with the glowing hue of a warm sunset. The crackle of the flames tickling his skin as he strode past. Yet he felt no warmth from the flames. Only the cold touch of the wind. The frost picking at his limbs.

The voice now.. growing louder as he went.


With each step forwards the fear arose in the voice and he grew impatient, angry but he could not find where it came from.

Stumbling through the streets of this city he knew so well, the voice grew distant… yet louder. Pushing himself forward he knew it was close.


This time however, this voice was… a woman’s. Filled with fear and terror. He could see her expression. Her face. Her tears.

Still he trudged. His half naked body blistered now by the ice. He runs and runs. Down every street he followed to her voice.


He stops. Frozen dead by the magnitude of her scream. He lays his eyes to rest upon a blue door. A weeping willow garnishes the front lawn. A brown decaying fence around it. The steps leading up to the door are clear, almost inviting.

For a minute he seems at peace. Like time decided to skip this part o his life. And left him stranded in this moment.

He stands… staring at the the blue door.


The door bursts as the shrilling scream overtakes him and sucks him through the door like a vortex.

He springs awake. Sweat drenching his body. Tears streaming down his cheeks. He clutches his face in his hands as he cries.. “My J’oana” he whimpers.

Helpless to his emotions and overcome by exhaustion his eyes close shut once more. His skin still wet from the tears.

An icy embrace holds him close as he falls to sleep, a shrill scream echoes in the night..

He snaps awake… Silence gripping him, the frost eating away as he finds himself on all fours. The tears frozen to his face. Out of breath.



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