Little Psionic Girl

The sounds of chains rattled through the air, and I was led into a cell, dark and cold. There were no beds to be seen, nor a sink. I couldn’t see. Days passed and another girl was thrown in here. She was shivering with fear. What have they done to her? Torture her, like they did to me?

I couldn’t breathe. I had killed two people, using both my abilities and my wit. I’d recognized that same head of blonde hair and blue eyes at school. My chains of hematite kept me from using any abilities. I don’t remember how long I’d had them on. I know that I had blacked out not long ago and woken into a hospital only to be put in here. I don’t know the name of this place. No one had told me. I tossed and turned in my covers, but this girl kept her eyes open, looking at the crack of light that peeked through a hole in a door. Do they have any idea what happens to people in prison? I’d imagine stabbings, getting things stolen, or just getting treated poorly in general. What about this girl? She seemed weak too. Or what about my dream? It was rather horrible and enraging. Why would the gods give me these sort of dreams? To punish me? I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep. Only one question remained: Who was this girl?

The next day I awoke to the sounds of bells, and so did this girl who had been sitting all night. She jolted awake. A woman in a guard outfit smiled and said, “Rise and shine. Breakfast!” My cell opened, and the darkness faded away, replaced by that same false light that our schools had. I was too weak to get up, but the girl got up instantly and sat straight.

“Excuse me, young ladies. You shouldn’t stray too far from your cell.” She shook her head almost like a child would before a voice questioned her.

“Why?” The voice was adamant and sweet like a little girl, but was filled with curiosity. I instantly liked the girl.

“Too dangerous,” she said, using only two words. I had a question too, but I stilled in her presence.

“Why?” she asked again, but the guard shut the door and left. Minutes later she returned with two trays of food and left it on the floor. I picked up one of the trays and ate the food: eggs and bacon. So did the girl. Her face flushed with fear at the sight of me. The eggs tasted awful. Had they been drugged? I grew angry, my vision blurring in stripes of grey before I collapsed.

I woke up days later in a hospital bed. I was met with two doctors, who put a syringe in my left arm. “Where am I?” I asked. I had forgotten everything that happened before. I turned my head and saw the girl once more, the one with blonde hair and deep blue eyes. Had she been drugged too?

“It’s ok,” the girl said. “They are just testing us.”

“Why?” I asked. My vision began to slowly restore, and I noticed that we were surrounded by machines of all types. I turned my head in circles. The girl didn’t respond; instead, she held out a hand, and said. “Call me Anna.”

“Emilia. Do you know why?” She shook her head. “No. Listen to Emilia-”A doctor entered the room, took out the syringe in my arm and left before another doctor stopped her. “We need more tests, stat!”

We watched as they left the room, still arguing over syringes and money. “Nixx’s orders!” one of them explained. I couldn’t hear the rest and faced Anna. “We have to get out of here.”

“Why? I’d have nowhere to go.”

“Yes you do. Your parents. Don’t they miss you?” askedAnna. She became awfully curious about my well-being. I shook my head and scowled. The heart monitor beside me rose up as my heart began to pound.

“I don’t have parents, not that I remember. I’m a runaway who lives outside and eats dirt. I scavenge for money on the ground to pay my rent. No one will hire me.” I sighed

“You could work as a prostitute.” Talk about putting salt to a cut, that hurt! I scowled.

“Teasing.” Anna rose her voice, proudly. It startled a nearby doctor, who had kept her face glued to a stack of papers in her hand.

“You seem to have no side to your story. You have parents and go to a nice school, and probably don’t have to worry about money.”

“I do worry about some things.” She looked away from me to check on the doctors then pointed a finger at a desk. A stray pencil rolled all the way to the other side, and then lifted itself up into the air, holding position, and descended slowly back onto the desk. I watched in amazement.

“So do I.”

The pencil rolled back towards Anna who looked at me with the same look of amazement as I did her. “I killed two people with this ability,” I said. The tone of my voice was sentimental. I looked through my memories and remembered as I snapped both tormentor’s necks, using just this ability. “It is a dangerous ability, and I am not proud of it. It kills when you don’t know it. It plaques your dreams with lies about being a lost princess of Pleione… Which I don’t believe the slightest.”
“It’s ok if you do,” Anna said calmly, still holding a hand. “Friends?” she asks. She probably noticed the look of pain that plagued my face. A tear rolled from my eye and landed on the blanket, then another. A memory popped up…a far- far away place that welcomed only the Dreamers. The Pleiades with its warm air, dense forests, and beautiful blue stars that painted the sky… An alien girl, a dreamer. She, the girl who only wanted freedom and to meet her true parents. Starseeds. “I do…” I lie back onto my cot and close my eyes, and this time I didn’t have any dreams.

Three doctors return to us with papers in hand. I hated the sight of them. What were they going to do? Hurt us? I rubbed my eyes. In my vision flashed the tv, which had been on the news channel this whole time. A girl with silvery blonde hair and silver eyes popped into view, and on the bottom read Out for revenge/ Killed two girls/ Possible Telekinetic abilities? Then it read Fainted and Collapsed on the ground/ Put in a special hospital due to insanity. I scratched my head. I wasn’t insane, but I had been plagued with memories that made things much worse than they are. The screen flashed again, but this time it pointed at a crowd who chanted, again and again, for me to executed. I scowled and wished for all of them to die. I imagined their bones twisting and snapping. I stared at the TV and it froze in place. It is ok. I heard a voice whispered in the wind, past the windows. The doctors grabbed Anna, and she screamed, taking her outside of the room. “I’m not the one. It wasn’t me that was on the news. It was her!” she pointed. The doctors stopped what they were doing, and approached me. I gasped. “Anna!” The doctors grabbed onto my arms instead of Anna’s and led me into another room. Where instead of her, I was the one screaming and shouting. They led me into another room that was on the far end of the hall and closed the door behind me. Then, they strapped me into a chair to keep me in place. I was face to face with a doctor. Not just any doctor, it was the one in charge of it all. I shivered in fear. He took out a notepad with a name on it reading, Solara. He scratched his head, bald, and said. “Know this girl?” “No…” I kept my head down, but he motioned for me to speak louder. “Yes, but not in person.” I hated speaking, and the truth felt like a lie when it came out of my mouth. “I heard rumors about her at school, bad rumors. That she was crazy, and that she was gifted because her parents paid extra. There was even a site dedicated to her as well. It was also bad.” Lies so many lies. The site was nothing but a lie, being advertised everywhere except the dark web. He nodded, then wrote down, word for word, what I had said to him earlier in a notepad. I was nearly in tears, again. “You. You, you were on the news too, a possible psion?” “So are you a doctor or not?” I said, changing the subject. He shook his head no. “Ma’am, we are doctors but not in the way you think. We belong to the National Science Community.” I raised an eyebrow. “And where is that located?” “Not in the place you were found, Utah. We are all the way in Nevada, which I don’t think you will be able to return at all. Everyone in Utah wants you dead. Even the children.” Nixx mused. “I understand,” I said. The tone of my voice was sympathetic. Nixx held out the papers, changing the subject once more. The chair was beginning to feel uncomfortable. “Have you ever noticed that you don’t belong to any race of human at all. The genes that I picked up on you belong to a certain race of being called the-” I interrupted. “The Pleiadians. Yes, I know. I heard it many times.” I frowned. He nodded. “Show me what you can do.” Nixx peered into my eyes. “Unstrap me from the chair first,” I said. He sighed, ordering the doctors behind me to unstrap me from the chairs. “Now show me what you can do.” Nixx folded his hands, smiling. A black circlet of jewelry could be seen sliding out from his coat and onto his wrist. I picked up a pen from the desk and focused. I felt for the energy surrounding it and pulled on it. The object smoothly levitated into the air. Everyone gasped except me, who realized that this was a very stupid mistake. I should have lied, and told them something else. I should have told them that they were wrong. But then again, I didn’t remember anything from biology. I felt the world around me buzzing with energy, but I still focused on that one pen spinning it around, and round in the air. The doctors gasped again, and at the corner of my eyes. One of the doctors was about to applause and cheer me on. The pen stopped spinning, and It floated back onto the desk where it belonged. I was a piece of entertainment a thing to be used. I thought. I was being escorted out of the room when I heard. “Meet me at lunchtime tomorrow.” I scowled, a piece of entertainment.

I was thrown into yet another cell out of thousands. Except for this time, there was another girl. I’d recognize her polished ebony curls from anywhere. “Solara!” I said as if I had actually known her as a friend. Except, I didn’t know her she was a stranger to me. Solara stayed quiet, playing with a stray lock of hair. She acted as if she were afraid of me. “Sol…” I’d say her name and she shivered at me saying it. “Killed two people. Not much, just bullies. Solara, meet Anna.” I reached out a hand but Solara backed away and lifted up a hand as if she were to throw me across the room with her psionic abilities. She had to be an Indigo child too. “…I… Nice to meet you, Emilia.” Solara said. She had such a strong voice, like a warrior, or a queen’s. I heard legends about Solara. Her abilities were stronger than mine, being able to control multiple objects at once. “Nice to meet you too,” I said, graciously. “Actually it is an honor to meet you.” “It would be an honor to meet you too,” Solara replied. “I heard what you did with your tormentors. I wish I could do that with mine.” “Practice,” I said. I turned my head to face Anna who was spinning a pencil in the air with her telekinesis. “Anna, why had you given me up to the doctors?” Anna scowled. I had hit her hard with truth. “Because, Emilia, I wanted to protect you from my lies, and I lie a lot. I don’t want you getting hurt even more by Nixx, and I have seen what he does. “What does he do?” I ask. “You’re missing the point. I’m just trying to save your ass from him,” said Anna “How? We should escape.” “Yes, but do we know how the doors are locked, and everything is lined with hematite. There is no possible way out. Also, not to mention we are in the middle of Nevada.” “Area 51, and I’ve seen the president. She is not nice at all. She gave my tormentors a mansion just for framing me as the alchemist.” Solara mused. “The Alchemist, you mean the serial killer?” Anna said. “Yes. I’d follow his every step and was only led into a trap. What would you do if I told you there was no Alchemist. What would you do If I told you that he was a combination of both of my tormentors? It is in my notes.” “They must be brilliant. That serial killer was all over the news and he didn’t have a face!” I said. “Not exactly.” Solara look insulted. “Not any more brilliant than I am, and I’m in gifted!” Anna dropped the object that she was practicing with and looked at me. “The girl is the key.” she whispered,“To get us out of here.” I scowled, “What will I do next when we get out. Go back to my homeless ways.” “Not exactly.” Anna said, “If you get me out of here. I will return you to your homeland, and I will find a way for you to return. There is a special spell in the book of god.” “The Bible,” I said, displeased. “There is no book of god.” Solara sat on her cot, looking at us with sad eyes. “If you leave. How will I supposed to get back to my parents?” “You can’t. You have a much more special purpose. Staying here.” I lied. My voice was filled with annoyance. Actually, I don’t know what Solara’s purpose is. I told the truth, “Solara was to learn telekinesis and help us achieve the Book of God. But mostly to get us out of here. She’d be more powerful than us all with her abilities.” I whispered. “I’m not helping you with shit, and most likely you two would be dead if it were up to me!” Solara looked me straight in the eye. I felt a buzzing of energy around me as she stared straight into my eyes, and then switched her focus to Anna; her energy spreading. I panicked. Solara. I thought she was on our side. “Solara, why would you do this. I thought you were our friend?” Anna just screamed. “She’s twisting my arm!” Our cell door opened and a female doctor appeared. “Anything wrong?” Solara pointed releasing her grip from the energy. “Get these two out of my cell.” Solara hissed. I felt a twinge of energy on Anna as her hand is being twisted further and further to its breaking point. Anna screamed for it to stop, but Solara was ruthless in her ways. Solara let out a grin as she finally let go, and a loud snap could be heard before Anna started crying. The doctors looked at Anna with pity, before they fished her up from the ground.

Anna had to go through surgery. Her hand was too broken. I watched as she screamed, and turned during the surgery. She screamed and struggled so much that she had to be put on morphine. Her screams became quiet and she was put to rest. There is one thing that telekinesis can’t do was to heal. It only breaks, and twists. I reached out a hand to caress her, but the doctors pushed me away. I gave them a look before I was being escorted back to my room. I closed my eyes. If telekinesis was that dangerous, then why not use it in the army. I decided to use this to my advantage. I paused and looked at the doctor. “Solara is becoming strong in her gifts. She could be used in the army.” Mentioning Albeodai’s army granted me power, and with each word. I became closer and closer to my destination. The Pleiades. The doctor’s eyes went wide, and I was shoved into my cell. “Excuse me.” The cell door closed, and the next thing that noticed was the absence of the doctor’s presence. I rubbed my arms.

The next day I sat in the same chair as I did the day before. The doctor looked back at me with that same expression of curiosity as he did yesterday. I sat up straight, this time I wasn’t strapped to the chair. The doctor replayed the clip on the news. Possible psion. Then, he took out Solara’s file and placed it flat on the desk. I initiated first, “In case you are wondering, Solara’s abilities are far more powerful than my own… I’ve seen what she could do. She could move up to ten objects at once, unlike me.” The doctor’s eyes opened wide. “I just met her yesterday. In her cell. She showed me, and even told me what she can do.” I said. “But, then she got angry and attacked Anna. I’m pretty sure you could experiment more with her too. If you want the answers you’ve been seeking.” A door opened and then closed, It was Anna, her hand encased in a cast. She had stains of tears on her face. I looked at her with pity. “The book of god, did you get it?” I whispered. “No,” Anna said with a voice of disappointment. “I am not the one who has it. The council has it” Anna sat down in a chair. My brows furrowed in despair. If there is no way back. Then shall I rise above instead? Maybe my true parents will notice me and take me back home to where I belong. I faced Nixx. “Anna, do you know anything about Solara.” He turned his head to face Anna who only slumped in shame. “She used to be my friend until she broke my wrist. Now she’s nothing to me.” Nixx’s face turned red, then back to normal. Anna had hit him with the truth. Solara was an evil brat, but I listened to Anna’s tale. “I used to be friends with her and used to follow in her footsteps. Used to teach her everything I knew, but up until now she’s changed got more violent and aggressive. It is like that she doesn’t care anymore.” “I see.” the doctor said, faking sympathy. “Her abilities are getting stronger aren’t they.” We nodded in unison. “But they aren’t in control. She needs more lessons on how to control it.” Anna said, “Maybe we could teach her along with you guys.” “I’m pleased to hear that.” The doctor said. “If you teach the girl, then maybe we could hide you from the world, and no one will know about your true heritage. They will forget about it and move on the news? They will just say it was a fluke and move on. You could even work along with us in the N.S.C. Do we have a deal?” We nodded, and I turned my head to Anna and whispered, “Don’t forget the book of god.” We reached out hands, curving our pinkies to make a promise. A pinkie promise. We would leave Solara behind and she would have to answer all the questions herself. But we? We had moved up a square and now are teachers. “You are dismissed. Escort them back to their cells will you.” The doctor said smiling to the three doctors that are behind us. I instantly felt as if a part of me was royal. I remembered that I was the lost princess of Pleione. But, even though I was being treated with respect. I fell asleep, had nightmares, and dreamed that this was all fake. Instead of rising to power like I should. I was like Solara, being pulled apart with tweezers and knives in a small room only lit by a blue light.

The next day, the news was on. I sat down and watched it because I had nothing else to do. The news flashed images of me. It was bad. But, this time they decided to show me in a light, Alien girl, the title read. Perhaps that caused a commotion. People actually liked me, for what? Killing two no good bullies. I outta cringe. On the screen, they held pictures of me and signs with my face on it. That’s when I realized that these people didn’t want me to didn’t want me to die, they wanted to worship me. There were also people holding up signs of extraterrestrials. I looked closer. Solara was on some signs too. Alien girl – the sign read again. Some of these people are donning necklaces made out of crystals and wore shirts of color. New Agers. A demographic I can control. Some of them seem to be chanting another language. That no one could understand. They called it Light Language. Many people were doing this, one-by-one. They all had begun to sing in this tone. To worship the Pleiadians. Many danced or marveled at the sight of me on screen. Some of them held figurines of me on screen, and several are engraving my figure into rocks. Solara. This is her chance to become the most powerful she can become to woo the crowd and rise to power. I didn’t want to be a teacher anymore but to be idolized as a god. Maybe I could help Solara and get her out of this too. Maybe she could be a goddess as well. This is the only way I could forget about the Pleiades and move on. The people started to chant “Starchild,” and “Pleiadian” on the news. The doctors are stopping to look what was on the News, and so did Anna who I saw, pass through the doorways. On screen, Cerridwen waved and gave out kisses to all the people who were on screen. People cheered and begun to swallow her presence whole with hungry eyes. A president- turned queen. She wore a crown made up of glistening spikes. Perhaps, made out of hematite, and her dress; It billowed in the air. But there was also another person walking gracefully at her side. Who is this? She wore a crown of jade and gold. Her hair was just as magnificent. Platinum blonde- shining like the stars in the sky, but her face. I couldn’t see. It was blurred out, by lights a many, down from her neck up from the top of her face. Her back had been covered up too. The intercom spoke, “Now we celebrate the alliance between Egypt and the Americas!” The people cheered louder. Ceridwen waved and blew her last kiss before the camera switched position. This was life! There the National Science Community was mentioned. A plane flew by holding up their colors. Blue, green, and purple. The colors of earth and space. The screen was quickly shut off, but before it was shut off. I made out the words: Cerridwen, leaving to see the N.C.A. I shivered. Cerridwen was the one who ripped up the Constitution and burned it into the ground. Our American pride and history washed away, just to be replaced with something so stupid and unwise. And in her election, she bashed us and gave us a false promise of light. The doctor turned off the TV and I was once again alone with nothing to watch. Cerridwen is coming and it was not going to go well. I was afraid of Cerridwen of all things. Curly black hair, and all, her eyes caught the most attention from me. They were silver, but I was pretty sure I had seen something else too. Something dark and inhuman. Something that could take down worlds. I gulped.

The doctors and scientists led us into a room to test our abilities. Except, they told me it wasn’t a test but a lesson. I was to teach Solara how to control her abilities. The room was not an office. It had three large tables. Objects: things like toy balls, toy cars, pencils, pens are on the tables. Strange electronic devices can be seen lying on the table as well. I entered the room. It looked more like a classroom more than anything. A table with a computer on it is placed perfectly on the other side of the room. Anna and Solara entered the room last. Solara looked frustrated and tired, but she sat down at one of the tables anyway. The scientists walk in last, notepads in hand. Solara turned her head to look at the doctors. The expression on her face was somewhere between anger and frustration. She raised an eyebrow, “What am I supposed to do. I cant move objects with my mind!” The scientists nodded and pointed at me. “You can, you just need a little more tutoring.” The expression on his face was sincere. Solara grumbled, and looked at the objects on the table and picked one up, examining the object closely. I watched as she maneuvered the object around her fingers and set them back down on the table. The scientists walked over and picked up an electronic device, “This, Solara is an EMF meter. It measures psychic energy in the area. What is going to do is watch as you train and I’m going to record the energy levels and put them on the notepad over here.” Solara nodded, then went back to examining a tiny rubber ball on the table. She handed me the object, “Do your magic, fiend!” That hurt! I stare at the object, focusing on it. Energy buzzes around the ball like a storm. I wave my hand around it to get a better feel of it and then push energy into it- my own energy. I focus, and the energy buzzes louder. A harmonic conversion of inanimate and living energy dancing in front of me. I pull on the energy with my mind and it hovers into the air. All my previous thoughts being pushed away as I continue the act. I lift the ball higher and higher and place it on the table using the energy fields around it and let it descend, slowly onto the table. “How do you have so much control over the objects you come in contact with. You not in gifted, and you don’t know crap!” “Solara, there is more to me than you already know. I am the lost princess of Pleione.” The ball drops onto the table and hits Solara in the face. “Do you want to learn or not.” “Yes, but only if I’m not part of some sort of plan that you came up with. And, my parents died, and my sister ran away. So you better treat me with respect, princess.” Solara’s anger grew. “You not. I gave up on that plan a day back. So do you want me to teach you or not.” Anna silently plays with her hair on another table, but at the sound of Solara’s words. She said faintly. “I tried to teach her before but she didn’t learn.” “Yes,” Solara says. The doctor looks down at his pad of notes and proceeds to write. “Solara the thing that you need to do is to focus. Focus your energy on the ball, and feel the energy surrounding it.” Solara picks up the ball and squints, then lifts up her hand. “Take a deep breath,” I say. Solara focuses harder, this time taking deep breaths. “Now what?” “Do you feel the energy.” She nods. “Excellent! Now I want you to control that energy.” “How. I got everything down, but this. I can’t. Energy is energy, it cant be controlled.” She should be stuck with doing aura readings, but if she really wants to be a part of us she has to learn how to control that energy and move the object. “You have to meld your energy with the object to be able to control it,” Anna said. Solara grunts and the object moves an inch. “There!” Solara says, satisfied. “Too much of my energy and I will get tired-” Her words are interrupted by a knock. Is it true that Solara’s ower is fueled by anger? Why is her field of energy so strong if she cant do telekinesis? The sound of the knock sends goosebumps up my back. Cerridwen.

Hands gripping my shoulders, I am being led into the office. My mind went to the thoughts of Nixx, cruel and calculating. What does he want out of me? I enter the room and sat down in a chair. Solara and Anna walked into the room, followed by doctors. The doctor followed us from behind, and Cerridwen went last. Her crown of hematite is like a wreath on her head, sparkling spikey bits of light. She bends down and whispers into my ear. “It had been a long time since I’ve seen you, my child.” She then stares at Anna who looks back at her with vicious eyes. “That book of god was mine!” she hissed. “Not anymore. It belongs to me now.” Cerridwen mused. The words were so strong it made the doctors – even Nixx- bow before her. “Welcome, Your Majesty.”
Cerridwen faces Nixx. “Got the results back.” “Yes, indeed.” Cerridwen sits down in the chair. Her voluminous figure taking up space. “I would like to see.” The doctors hand her the pads, and she starts to read. “Emilia, my child.” She starts to laugh, flipping through the notes. “Pleiadian. Lost, and…” she stops at the last word. “Powerful…” Her cheeks turn red. “What else do you have for Emilia.” Nixx handed the last of the notes. She said, “…Pleiadian.” The words rang in my ears. My parents cannot be dead. I could feel two more presences stand near me. Dark, they are approaching slowly, and I backed away. Help! The doctors watched as more dark figures materialize. The queen truly is dark, but I gathered enough strength to ask her another question. “Where are my parents if you think they are dead?” I yelled. The presence of the dark beings stopped, and Cerridwen’s features softened. “You parents they died a long time ago, died all the way in Nevada. I thought I’d kill them all, but it would be sad to see their heir go bye-bye.” Cerridwen reached out a hand, and the figures got closer putting their hands all over my body. I yelled for Cerridwen to stop but she continued. “Even in life, I see nothing for you.” She clenched her fist and my neck snapped in half. Pain radiated throughout my body. I shouldn’t have made these mistakes.I should have saved Solara and escaped.


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