Click – J. Ross


The sun gleamed off the metal of the revolver in Tom’s hands in a way that made a beam of heat shine directly into his eyes. He squinted and moved his hand from fidgeting with the hospital band on his wrist to spin the revolver the first time.

Click. Nothing.

A woman walked past with her child. She approached Tom as if she intended to ask him directions to some destination, but quickly noticed the bandages covering his arms and the revolver in his hands.

“Go on, turn around. C’mon, c’mon honey let’s go to the car.” She frantically said in rushed whispers as she put her hand on the child’s back to direct him.

Under a tree about thirty feet from the one Tom was under hiding from the heat, a homeless man was standing with a shopping cart filled with what appeared as garbage. The man waved before going on digging through the trash sitting in his shopping cart, rather than waving back Tom stared at the ground and gave the revolver another spin.

Click. Again, nothing.

Large gusts of wind were blowing the hot air through the hair on Tom’s face that was getting caught up in his eyes and making him growing more and more irritable.

The morning was turning into day, as a result more passing pedestrians out on their usual business and making their ways through the park. The revolver lay out in the open, some stopped and stared, others turned quickly at the sight of it, others kept walking by. No one tried to stop him.

Click. Third attempt, still nothing.

Angrily, Tom tossed the pistol and it went off as soon as it hit the ground, puncturing directly into a tree.

Screams around the park started loudly piercing through his ears. Tom fiercely pushed his ears closed with his fingers. “Calm down people, jeez. Now it goes off.” Sirens sounded in the distance.

Tom looked around and saw families running as fast as they could towards their cars, leaving the picnics and football games behind. A few trees over, the homeless man was still resting in the shade, seemingly unphased by the gunshot.

Tom reached over and grabbed the pistol and grabbed another bullet out of his bag.

“What the the fuck are you doing?” The homeless man shouted over.

“Living in a way where I don’t care if I die,” Tom apathetically yelled back.

The homeless man shrugged. Tom loaded an extra bullet into the revolver this time and continued on as the police cars began surrounding the park.


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