Expecting – M. Jacobs

Image result for duct tape under light

Rookie mistake: forgot the duct tape.

I didn’t even realize I forgot it until I opened the trunk. Shit. I can see it on the workbench taunting me.

I didn’t need it to tie her up, I had enough paracord for that. I didn’t need it to blindfold her, I had an extra shirt for that. I did need it to shut her up; a 550 cord gag doesn’t work as well as you think it would.

Normally it wouldn’t be an issue. In fact, sometimes I like it when they make a little noise. It lets me know they’re still alive, that they’re still trying to control something.

You’d think I was the vic with how much control I had. But I didn’t know any better, and I wanted it so bad. She had to pay. And I had to deliver the justice that was owed to me. I had no choice.

I was just learning how to improvise that night. I thought the cord would provide enough silence. I was not expecting the only plea that -to this day- would make me think twice about what I had to do. It was just two words. Two little words that I can still hear echoing:

“I’m pregnant.”


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