Into the Dark – K. Williams



Blood was everywhere. It was not from just one person. But thousands. Millions. Those that had crossed it’s path.

Jake gulped. It was coming out of it’s pen now. Confused at first. Then grinning. Grinning at him.

“Well, they have sent me my next meal already? Oh marvelous! Absolutely marvelous!”

The thing picked a bone shard from the floor and used it to pick it’s teeth. And waited. Waited for Jake to attack first. Or to beg for mercy. Or to try to escape.

The thing kept waiting, keeping a relaxed position, but it couldn’t stop the hunger from shinning through its eyes.

Knowing he would die anyway.

Knowing there was no way he could stop this thing.

He decided to ask it a question.


It took the monster off guard. It blinked. “Sorry?”


The monster frowned a little, chewed the shard of bone, swallowed, then frowned all the more.

“Why what?”

“Why everything? Why you? Why are you existing? Why do you do this?”

The beast looked at him like the answer was obvious.

“Why else? But to survive. . .”

The beast lunged.


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