Geoff Takes a Nap

Image result for cluttered workshop

Slotting the last few pieces into place, Geoff looked over his handiwork. He wanted to feel a wave of pride wash over him, but after almost a week of barely sleeping he was running on empty. The champagne in the fridge could wait until morning, the only way he wanted to celebrate was by climbing into bed.

Brushing his teeth, he wondered if he had set some kind of record. A project of this scope would be ambitious within six weeks. Six days was patently absurd – a point which he had made clear to the client when it had been requested. As it turned out, however, the client also had an equally absurd budget to back up his demands, and so, six days it was.

Passing through to the bedroom, Geoff took one more look at his work laid out on the living room table. It looked so delicate and peaceful like this, all at rest, just waiting for the signal to set order into chaos, to watch it all unfold and lead – who knows where? Despite painstakingly crafting each piece by hand, Geoff could no more tell you what would happen after that spark was introduced than a croupier could tell you how a roulette spin would end. All he could do was turn it on and observe, and hopefully the client would be happy.

With a yawn he flipped the bedroom light switch off, flopped into bed, and called out the command to his creation.

“Let there be light.”


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