Goodbye – N. Ulrich


He is sitting there on the edge, looking down, feeling empty. He is wondering if anyone is going to notice. He checks his phone, even though he knows there won’t be any new messages. A tear falls down his cheek into the cold abyss below. Falling. Endlessly.

02:02 AM. Nobody around to notice. Maybe he should. Lighting a cigarette, he inhales it deep, keeping the smoke in his lungs. He closes his eyes. Everything disappears, replaced by nothingness. Will anyone notice?

No,a voice shouts from within. Nobody did until now and nobody will from now on. He is alone. He knows it. He is filled with rage, so much rage. He screams, but the pain remains.

He takes a step closer. He can feel the cold winter breeze. It’s cold, just like him. But no longer. IT WILL END.

All this suffering, it never ends. Life is just a cruel place. All he wanted was love, but she left him. Not even through a call, but through a fucking message. “I don’t think I love you anymore.” A fucking message. Man it hurts, hurts so bad. Need it to stop.

One step closer. One foot standing in the air,near the edge. Maybe he should call her. It would be nice to hear her voice one last time.

Ringing. Ringing. Ringing. Why doesn’t she answer? He changed his phone number so she can’t possibly know that it’s him. Screw it.

A voice answers the phone. “Hello? Who is this?”

His brain stops. Everything stops. “Hhh….hi Anna,” he barely whispers while his foot slips on the edge.





“James, is that you? Jamees! Jameeees!” a distant voice echoes through the darkness of the night.



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