Back to Normal – C. Leelan


The thing is, he’s always been like that. ‘Normal.’ At least as long as I’ve known him. Surely he was the same ‘soul on fire’ from the very beginning. There’s a very genuine feeling you get when you first meet Denny. He may be a lot of things, but ‘phony’ or ‘insincere’ aren’t words you’d ever use to describe him. Sure; ‘morose,’ ‘brooding,’ and ‘tortured’ definitely come to mind. They definitely fit. No one would argue with that, but I think those states of mind come with the territory. It’s not easy being dead.

Yeah, he’s a decaying corpse in advanced stages of purification. but that would never stop a boundless soul like Denny Jones. If anything, his absence of a pulse just adds to his authenticity. No one can say he doesn’t have a real reason for being morbid either. Festering pustules and oozing orifices are way up on the list of ‘dead guy’ motivations for being ‘moody.’ Not to mention, the stark lack of dating options. You’d be ‘cranky’ too if you lacked a male appendage to consummate with.

Confidentiality, ‘that’ is one of the first things to fall off. He’s kinda sensitive about it, too. If you really want to see a rotting corpse get highly agitated, just ask him ‘how’s it hanging?’ He’s liable to snap. He hates that expression. The thing is, he’s a good guy. You shouldn’t kid your short friends about not being able to dunk. You shouldn’t rib your pale friends about having no tan; and you shouldn’t rub it in to your corpse pals about missing body parts. It’s just not cool. It ain’t right.

Denny wanders the back alleys of town most of the time. Occasionally he will venture outside his territory to the countryside though. Like most of us, he’s just looking for meaning to the universe. He’s inquisitive in that way. He likes to pick people’s brains for answers. If only we could steer him toward a less destructive way of achieving that. Then there wouldn’t be such an unfair bias against the dead. They are just a misunderstood class of people. The sooner we all realize that, Denny can stop running from the cops. He’s been a fugitive ever since he ate a few of them. Hopefully things can get back to normal soon.


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