A Victory – X. Wei


“Enable the algos.”

And that’s how it began. The algorithms quickly identified, classified, prioritized and located the people they identified as the weakest ones among us. The ones that could likely carry the virus that would kill everyone. The cull was completed in two weeks.

We acted proactively and with the full consent of everyone on earth. We had seen what was coming. Transmissions from our recon teams brought back the the horrors they had unleashed on other peoples. We unified and chose a self inflicted wound instead of an inexorable, agonizing extinction. We did not go quietly into the night. We screamed with sorrow and loss over the deaths of our loved ones and we grew stronger from that.

We steeled up, and spooled up. Only the strongest remained on earth, all willing to fight and die in the hope some would live.

They came.

Sealed in armor and in dreadnoughts we fought and held them off.

No one had done ever that. But no world had ever sacrificed 90% of its population to mitigate its vulnerability. We did and won. We called it a victory, anyway.

Now all that is left are 200 million souls on earth. And the algos. And the steel.

They are coming back…


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