Elon Musk’s Starman – H. Vincences


In a distant galaxy, on a planet where life forms had managed to take hold like they did on Earth, there came a sudden ball of light in the sky, followed by a huge explosion. The inhabitants of the planet investigated the site, expecting the usual meteorite. But as they grew closer, they could see that it was no meteorite.

They found strange wreckage. It was damaged, but overall intact. They investigated further. Inside the wreckage they found a strangebeing, some kind of monster in some kind of dark, strange contraption. At first, they were horrified.  What could the monster possibly want? Eventually they realized that it wasn’t really doing anything. They figured the strange space visitor must be asleep.

For generations, they observed the traveler in his strange hibernation vehicle, awaiting any sign of him rousing from his slumber. Soon, a mythology about the supposed travels this mysterious figure had taken were written down, and it became holy writ. He became worshipped with a cult-like devotion, his body constantly watched for even the slightest hint of what they started to call ‘The Awakening.’ They didn’t know what would happen when the visitor awoke. Some prophesied salvation, other doom. He could be friend or he could be foe, and there was no way for them to tell. It divided entire families, who believed him to be good and who believed him to be bad..

They wanted to investigate further, to learn the truth, but due to the fear of waking him too soon, no one did. His body was sacred, untouchable.

To this day they still worship him, waiting with baited breath for his awakening, never knowing that their god-like figure is just a mannequin, in a car, from Earth.


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