Crescent – N. Gricious


“She lowered the knife and it grew even brighter”

As I woke from my warm, cozy, soft bed, I overheard my friends chattering from somewhere outside my room. Curious of what they were doing, I got out of bed, put on a casual dress, and rushed to where my friends were. As I made my way  I wondered what they were talking about. Did they find a new song they liked? Were they making jokes? What were they doing?

Standing at the doorway from the hall to the kitchen, I saw my friends looking at at what appeared to be a pumpkin. I assumed one of my friends bought it, so I asked.

“Ashley, did you get it?”

“No, Cora,” Ashley responded, “we’ve been wondering who got it for about ten minutes now.”

“I want to know who,” uttered Krist. “Not that I’m mad or anything, just wondering.”

“Who do you think did?” I asked.

“I think it was Elsa,” said Ashley.

“Why me? I don’t even like pumpkins,” Elsa stated.

We went on about why the pumpkin was there and who would have gotten it. We eventually agreed to do something with it. Krist pointed out that the pumpkin was the type used for deserts like pie and ice cream. Since we were at a sleepover for my birthday, they agreed to let me do the honors of slicing the pumpkin. I strolled to the knife stand and got a knife. As I began to lower the knife that’s when something unusual happened. Everyone gasped when the pumpkin started to…glow?

“What the…” Krist stated under her breath.

“It’s glowing,” stated Elsa.

The rest of the group stayed silent, mesmerized by the pumpkin. Though I wanted to return the knife to the stand, a strange impulse inside me wanted to plunge into it. A feeling began to grow within me, like if I just stabbed the pumpkin I would get something great, something that I would want, something that I needed.

The impulse took over and I, in the blink of an eye, stabbed the pumpkin directly in the center. As soon as the knife entered the pumpkin, a spark expelled from the crack and a stream of what looked like green lightning traveled up my arm and vanished as soon as it got to the shoulder.

“Cora, are you ok?” Elsa shouted.

“I feel fine. Shocked, but fine,” I said.

“Go on. Sit on the couch,” Krist told me. “We’ll make you some tea and clean everything up while you rest.”

I nodded and agreed to sit on the couch. Later on that night, during a crescent moon, we decided to pop in a horror film and eat some popcorn. I was reluctant at first. I’d never seen one before. But I wanted to try a horror film, just to see why people watched them.

As the movie played, I started to feel…odd. My body grew very warm, and I started to feel a sense of panic. I assumed that this was what you felt like when you watched these types of movies, so I shrugged it off. In the movie, the female lead was by herself and everything went still. My heart started to race, my body boiled, and my head began to sting. After about thirty seconds of still and silence…BAM…a jump scare happened. I felt a huge adrenaline rush, and that’s when my entire body fell onto the floor, bursting into pure agonizing pain.

“AHHHH!” I screamed at the top of my lungs.

“Come on, it wasn’t that bad,” Krist laughed

“Are you ok?” Ashley shouted while rushing to my side.

On the floor, my body was convulsing. My vision was becoming fuzzy. There was a sudden ringing in my ears. I was starting to lose my consciousness. I suddenly saw my hand changing form. The change was indescribable. It was curling up and my nails were turning into claws. The pain from my hand morphing was sharp torment.

As I was slowly losing consciousness, I heard one of the windows crashing. With all the strength I could summon, I peered over to the window to see three men break through the opening. Right before I could do anything, my vision suddenly went black. My mind and body felt static and consciousness was lost.

I awakened in my dark room on my bed. My head was throbbing as the memory of what happened the previous night rushed through my head. My entire body was tender as I sat up in my bed. However, while I was setting up, my body felt….sticky? I raced to the light switch and flicked them on to see my bed and body covered in rusty-colored blood. Panic started to arise in my body and started giggle nervously. The thoughts running through my mind ranged from me thinking I murdered someone to my friend potentially being gone. I started to sob.

Suddenly, I heard a knocking on the door. Being in a state of panic, I yelled…

“Who’s there?”

“It’s me. Ashley,” she responded.

I went to the door and opened it. Ashley and Elsa came in and sat on my chairs.

“You were crazy last night,” Ashley laughed.

“What happened?” I questioned.

“You turned into this wolf-like thing,” Elsa responded “and attacked these burglars. You got them good.”

“Did they die?” I asked.

“No,” said Ashley, “but they got torn up.”

“What did I do afterwards?” I asked

“Just sat down and watched the rest to the movie while Krist and Ashley took the robbers to the police station.” Elsa replied. “And then you went outside and did who knows what.”

“How did I wake up my bed if I went outside?”

“You went through your window,” Ashley said.

“That makes sense,”  I shrugged. “So I wasn’t dangerous?”

“Nope,” both answered.

After pondering for a minute, I started thinking about who this other me was. Is she a werewolf, or a split personality? I discussed this with my friends to determine this and other aspects about what happened.

“All in favor of Cora’s other self being a split personality raise your hand,” Krist said.

Krist and Ashley raised their hand while Elsa did not.

“Why not a split personality?” Krist questioned.

“She is a wolf thing. It happened at night,” Elsa said. “Why are you guys saying split personality?”

“Because it happened at night doesn’t mean is werewolf-ism,” Ashley pointed out, “and if that were true, she would have turned as soon as the sun set, not two hours later. And the fact that she did not harm us. If she was a werewolf, she would have mauled us.”

After pacing for about five minutes, she finally gave in and agreed on the other me being a split personality and not a werewolf. We continued to talk about the other aspects of the other me. We came to the conclusion that the split personality was triggered by strong emotions, due to the fact that I’d never seen a horror movie and got scared. We decided that the others would have to keep an eye on me to learn more about the other me.

While looking at my hands, all I could think was that that there was another being inside of me. Inside of my body. Inside my mind. I would never understand why or what went on, but whatever happened, it happened to me, and I should use this other being wisely.

Wanting to give it a name, I got up and I pondered on what to name her. As I looked around I spotted my calendar, and that’s when the name emerged. I instantly felt attached to it, and uttered the name in the softest voice possible…


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