Can’t Get Over You – N. Ulrich


So here we go again. Every time I start to feel better I feel worse. Every noise I hear outside my house I hope is your car door, that you came to your senses, that you’re coming back again to jump into my arms, to let me hold you where you belong, to kiss you, to be with you. All I can think of is you laying in his arms right now. He has his arm wrapped around you. I still have this hope in the back of my head that you don’t want to be there, that you’d rather have my arm around you. You said so many things to me, you said that we would be together forever. Every time your head was on my chest you said this is where I belong, every time you were laying next to me you said this is where I feel the most comfortable. You said you loved me.

I love you because of who you are, because of your vulnerabilities, because of your imperfections, because of your eyes, because of your smile, because of your heart. He only loves you because of the way you make him feel. He loves you because it makes life easy for him. He loves you because he doesn’t know how to treat people and you stay there anyway. You said to me that I restored your faith in men, then why didn’t you stay with a man and why did you go back to a coward. Usually I’m very sweet and very caring, and maybe this is finally the point where some anger is coming out, but I feel cheated. I had you taken away from me by someone that doesn’t deserve you. Everyone keeps telling me you’ll learn your lesson, you’ll see him for who he is and you’ll wish you stayed with me. That’s not what I want. I don’t want you to go through pain. I want you to see the obvious. Or maybe I’m blinded by emotion right now. Maybe I’m blinded by love and maybe the obvious is actually what happened. All I know is what my heart tells me, and all I know is how much I miss you.


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