The Fate Cycle pt. 12 – P. Ramirez


Alas, the prophet is ignored. I have become as Cassandra.

– From The skulkers in the void, by Amoxtli.

The figures got up from their seats in disarray. “Ship! Do something.”

“My current ethical parameters forbid me from acting. As per the Lord’s wishes, I cannot harm lesser beings.”

“Administrative override! Akkara 3491! Rescind that alteration! Help him!” The girl moved quicker than Martin’s eyes could comprehend. One second she was yards from the two of them, the next she was there, grabbing Gutiére’s head and ripping it off in a fountain of warm blood.

“What is it, Master? The danger is over. Have I done something to upset you?” The angelic being, now drenched in fresh blood and holding a severed head, asked the sobbing Martin.

Akkara waited for Martin to calm down, looking at him disapprovingly. “Your empathy is misplaced. He would have killed you.”

“You didn’t have to kill him! If this machine, this avatar of the ship is that strong, it could have restrained him.”

“An unnecessary endeavor. He would more than likely have perished at the end of the cycle anyway. Besides, the only fitting penitence to the sacrilege of laying a hand on your god is death.”

“You are no god! Neither am I!”

“Semantics. What defines a god? That they arose from primordial chaos? We did. That they are immortal and near omniscient? We are. That they created lesser beings? We did. Wheather we are gods or not lies squarely in the eye of the beholder. Now come. You need to make the journey to Aztlan so that we can initiate the end of the cycle.”

“No. You won’t. I won’t let you.”

“You are still confused, young one. You see yourself as part of them. You are not. You are one of us.”

Martin could see in his newly awakened memory that she was entirely convinced of what she said and that it was the truth.

“Be that as it may, I will not be part of genocide.”

“Genocide? Does an exterminator commit genocide against pests? A farmer against livestock? You apply ethical categories to unsuited targets. We are not the same as them.”

“Know what? The current people of this cycle, the humans, said the same about different ethnicities within the same species for a long time.”

With a gesture, Martin dismissed the communication.

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