A Laughable Crime – B. Thurman

Image result for forest with vines

“A chortle, a chortle, a vision of turtles!” The strange, bubbly creature had appeared in front of Travis unexpectedly, jumping down from the vine-laden trees overhead.

“Who are-”

“Who are you? Just a man? Armed with only a slipshod plan?” It danced around him.


“I have your purse, your goodies and mirth! Give chase or get the worst!” It bounded off into the undergrowth.

Travis stumbled, then ran after it, remembering that his comm-link was in the bag. His eyes darted between roots, tree trunks, and occasional flashes of the creature. He looked desperately for any trace of its purple-green, furry limbs. He heard cackling laughter ahead. It must have been enjoying itself. He had heard of dance-devils, but only from exaggerations at the bar. This must be one. He cursed himself for only glancing through the wildlife manual.

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