Back to Normal – C. Leelan

The thing is, he’s always been like that. ‘Normal.’ At least as long as I’ve known him. Surely he was the same ‘soul on fire’ from the very beginning. There’s a very genuine feeling you get when you first meet Denny. He may be a lot of things, but ‘phony’ or ‘insincere’ aren't words you’d … Continue reading Back to Normal – C. Leelan


Another Dark and Stormy Night – P. LaBrea

I stepped out into the driving rain and pulled my oil-skin tightly around my neck and up to my cheeks. Not those cheeks, you sicko – the oil-skin was not nearly that long. Anyhow, I swaddled myself right up and headed down the street to Limpy's Place, late for my traditional nightly meeting with my brother Pat. … Continue reading Another Dark and Stormy Night – P. LaBrea