A Murder – R. Tilly


“Why are you doing this?” he asked before I put a piece of duct tape across his mouth.

“I need to do this. It’s nothing personal,” I told him and turned to his wife who I had tied to a chair opposite him.

I watched for a minute as she tried to wiggle out of her restraints.

“You’re not getting loose,” I told her. “Stop trying.” She looked at her husband and gave up trying.

Maybe it was something in his eyes. A look that showed that he had given up, which made her do the same thing.

I turned away from them and grabbed my hammer from their dining table.

”Who’s first?” I asked, knowing neither of them could answer me. “I guess it’s up to me.” I turned towards the husband. “How about you?” He tried to wiggle out of the restraints. “No? I guess it’ll be her then” I turned to his wife and raised my hammer.

“I’m sorry for this, love,” I said and brought the hammer down on her knee.

She managed to scream through the duct tape covering her mouth, and her husband did the same. He was trying to get loose with all his strength.

“You’re not getting loose,” I said.

He didn’t stop.

”Guess it’s your turn then,” I said annoyed that he wouldn’t stop. ‘””Goodbye,” I swung the hammer down on his head.

His wife didn’t scream. Why, I don’t know. I turned to her, and she stared me down. There was no fear in her eyes anymore. Only anger. She was brave. I’ll give her that. Though it didn’t stop me from bashing her head in with my hammer.


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