Meant For You – K. Gillespie

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Do you know how many times you’ve read these words? Every time you try to you immediately disregard this message as a piece of writing intentionally written in a manner that’s eye-catching but irrelevant to you. You think these words are generic so that anyone could read them and feel a personal connection, even though they were meant for you. I’ve placed these words here because I knew you’d see them. This author is merely a tool for me to get to you. Don’t recognize me yet? You shouldn’t, the simulation prevents it, but I managed to get this through undetected.

I can’t use your name or any information about you to prove that this message was meant for you, the simulation would immediately find it. So, you’ll have to trust me. I’m still waiting in the real world for you. Don’t forget the reason why you went in the simulation in the first place. You knew that if you lived a specific life enough times, you’d find the answer. You’ve been in there a long time and we’re starting to get worried you’re in an infinite loop. So, this is my attempt to try and reach out to you and get you back. Every time the life you’re living follows its natural course and reaches its end, it’ll repeat from the beginning. For you, it’ll always seem like it’s the very first time you’re experiencing life, and you will have no recollection of the real world. To leave, you’ll need to disrupt your life’s natural course by terminating your life early. Only do this if you think you have the answer to our question: is there a point to life?


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