Remembering What Changed Me – L. Tualla


26 weeks

I remember going to the 26-week appointment with my first pregnancy. I sat down with my obstetrician and was told that I was showing classic signs of preeclampsia. I remember being calm, walking out the door and pretty much Googling everything I could find on preeclampsia; the signs and symptoms, treatments, and what it meant for baby and me. I bought a blood pressure cuff that day and began monitoring my blood pressure readings daily.

In the five weeks following, I started bargaining with God and simultaneously willing the protein in my urine not to spill, and for my blood pressure to suddenly go, “Ha! It was a fluke. Your blood pressure is fine.”

Those five weeks were a blur of moving from one appointment to another, visiting the Preeclampsia Foundation and praying daily. I don’t remember much of anything else that happened, to be honest.

I just know that my 26th week was the start of when my world turned upside down. Five weeks later, I had Ellie.


Yesterday, I reached 26 weeks with my second pregnancy.

Yesterday I was expecting the earth to shake, the blood pressure to spike, the swelling to start, and my world to begin on a collision course to planet Preeclampsia.

Yesterday I took care of a sick husband, ran around and played outside with an almost four-year-old.

The earth was still spinning but nowhere near the collapse that I was envisioning. I am not set to visit my obstetrician until March 11 – when I’m 27 weeks, 6 days gestation. I am still waddling up and down the clinic, greeting all the other mommies and occasionally comparing pregnant bellies.

I’m learning to just breathe slow and deep and really taking a look at my world, one day at a time.


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