The Beginning – T. Miller



The Salt Star, a cargo ship, rocked back and forth against the cold sea waves. The captain grew nervous as the storm seemed to grow worse instead of dying down. Ravmoria, Nialias, Taj’nele and Kate all laid in their bunks, listening to the waves crash against the side of the boat. The storm didn’t seem to bother the passengers, although Taj’nele would let out a little prayer to his god about ending the storm. A few hours passed before the storm was over. The group stepped out of their bunks and made their way to the deck to see how their voyage was proceeding. The cargo ship was heading to the southern part of the continent called Atun. Atun was a frozen tundra; they would have to survived by trading fish and mining the ore that seemed to over-populate the caves located in the southern part of the continent.

Ravmoria, Nialias, Taj’nele, and Kate knew nothing of each other. They were four strangers who all asked the captain for a ride going north. Each traveler had their own reason for going north, but all seemed intent on departing the ship once they docked.

The captain gathered them together for a little chat. “Okay look, folks, we will be docking in a few hours, and no offense to any of y’all, but I hope you get off my ship. Our rations are lower than normal because I took y’all in, so this is pretty much me kicking you off my boat.” Standing around on the deck, the travelers looked at each other. They stood awkwardly, not really knowing what to say to each other due to the fact that they were all of a different race.

“Well I guess I’m going to kick off this meeting process then,” Kate spoke. “I’m Kate Daniels. I am human. I used to be a mercenary, but now I follow the path of the death domain cleric. But no worries my soon to be friends, I won’t hurt y’all. Unless you get on my bad side, then no promises,” she giggled. The group looked at each other and then took a small step away from Kate, which made her laugh even more. “She’s a nut,” Taj whispered to the group.

“Well that is a way to kick this off,” Taj’nele said. “Hello everybody. My name is Taj’nele Stormbreak and as you can tell by my appearance I’m a wood elf. I follow my god and go where he commands me to go. I’m a gambling man, and for one gold coin I can cleanse you of your sins, because I am a cleric and have the power to do so.” The group stayed silent as they all looked to see if anyone was going to say something to the gambling “God’s man” elf.

Ravmoria stepped forward to introduce herself. “I’m Ravmoria Faefiel. I’m a high moon elf. My family is of royal barbarian blood from the nation of Catelo. I’m a princess, but also a calvary woman, which my family frowns on due to my being the firstborn.” She bowed to show her politeness and then gestured to the only person who had yet to introduce himself. The human had a dark appearance, both in personality and dress. His appearance and personality repelled others instead of drawing them in.

“There is nothing you need to know about me,” the man whispered. “All you need to know is that I’m Nialias,” once again only speaking in a whisper.

The group looked at each other and seemed to accept each other in their own way. “Land up ahead,” one of the ship-mates yelled out for the captain. The group made their way towards the front of the boat and looked out upon the icy waters to see the docks of the town, Freeport. It wasn’t anything more than a small village. They could see a small outline of houses, which gave them the impression that there wasn’t going to be much of anything in this town.

Yet they each knew why they were heading north.


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