Fool’s Gold pt. 3 – M. Rall


Matt knocked once on the large metal door on the second story of the slimy apartment complex that he had become too familiar with over the past year. He counted three seconds to himself, and then knocked on the door twice more to alert Jett that he had arrived, and that it was in fact him. Matt knew that the “secret knock” was ridiculous, and most likely unnecessary, but he always humored his bookie with the gesture. The door swung open to reveal Jett, a tall, wiry man with ratty, red stubble of a beard. Jett was in his mid-20’s, but he looked much older.

“Come on in, big man,” Jett motioned Matt into the apartment before leaning out of the door to scope out the hallway.

“Do you really have to be this sketchy man?” Matt asked as the door closed shut.

“What do you mean sketchy?” snapped Jett, seemingly offended by the question.

“I mean….like the secret knock man. And always peering out the door like you’re being watched. Is it really necessary?”

Jett stared down Matt with a frustrated look and belted out, “Do you even realize how much money is coming in and out of this mother fucker? Like hello! Earth to Matt, have you ever heard of the IRS? I’ve got dirty money coming in and out of this apartment every damn day…Dirty, tax-free, cash. So yeah, it’s all necessary.”

While Matt still thought Jett’s methods were a little ridiculous, he nodded in agreement in order to ease the tension. But Jett wasn’t done talking yet.

“In fact, you should probably start thinking about big boy problems. Like the IRS, now that you actually have something they can come after.”

“It’s only $8,000 dollars, do you really think the government cares about my pitiful fortune?” Matt asked, now a little less confident than he was before.

“I’ve seen them take less, my man” quipped Jett in a know-it-all tone. “You should invest some of that money if you know what’s good for ya…Trust me man.”

“Well what do you suggest I invest in? Stocks?” Matt spouted somewhat sarcastically.

“Howabout gold?” Jett suggested.

“Gold?” Matt responded, now somewhat interested.

“Yeah, a gold chain. That would be perfect. It’s expensive, it looks cool, you can always have it on you, and there will most likely be a time where you can sell it for more than its current value.”

Matt wasn’t normally one to take advice from Jett, but he was making a lot of sense today. Also, he liked the idea of treating himself to a fancy chain. Even better, he could pass it off as an investment. “Alright pay me Jett, I’ve got an appointment at the jewelry store.”

Jett casually pulled out a wad of cash and handed it over. Matt was up and out of his seat as soon the cash touched his hand. He had no time to waste, after all. He had money that needed spending. Matt headed out the door, in search of the nearest establishment he could purchase a gold chain.


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