Patience – Beáta Mátis


The other day I was suffering from post-workout insomnia. I agreed to do two sessions for another trainer who got sick, but her sessions start around 7 and 8 pm – which meant that it wasn’t until 10 pm that I got home. At this stage my body was still in trainer mode, energised and ready for more training. I couldn’t sleep. It’s during such times that negative thoughts arise and begin to drain me.

When am I going to be able to fully change my time? When is it going to happen? Is it going to happen at all? When will I have the perfect body? These thoughts and more just kept coming.

I lost my patience. That’s when I started to think about it, and began trying to find out what patience really meant to me.

Certainty – Being sure that my goal will be achieved. Of course, one can never be sure of success, but if doubt arises it’s easy to lose patience, give up hope, and just walk away.

Bravery – Being brave at all times and not letting fear keep me from moving forward.

Wisdom – Nothing is permanent, everything changes. It’s easy to say but so hard to actually understand and feel it. Whenever I truly absorb the feeling of transiency, I realise that whatever I’m worried or frustrated over now will mean nothing in the next moment or day or week. This realisation helps me release the negative feelings.

Positive thinking – I know it’s been said many times, but it still rings true. Creating positive thoughts in my mind about what I would like to achieve helps me clear my thoughts and find the ways to make it happen.

I realised that every time I lose my patience in the process of changing my life, it always has to do with not having one the above. So now whenever I feel like I’m losing my patience, I sit down and go through this list to find out what the real issue is, what went wrong, and what can I change. Even if it is something I cannot change, I at least gave myself some time to clear my thoughts, making it easier to move on.

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