Fire and Water


What fire burns, water heals. The words were chanted over and over again, until the lady was set aflame. Fire cleanses, water hides. She screamed for help, but no one paid heed. While fire brings pain, water relieves.

“Please! Help me! Someone! HELP ME!!”

The pain, it was like nothing she had ever felt before. It was agony, it was death. While water shows mercy, fire strikes. The lady kept screaming, even though know one seemed to listen to her.

“Oh God it burns! GOD!!”

While fire forever hungers, water is always full.

After an ear splitting yell, it ended. Her screams were silenced while the flames ate at her. They pulled the lever, and the platform gave way. With a splash, the body fell into the tank. Further down into the dark she drowned, the cold oblivion swallowing her while her lungs were filled with water. Under three minutes, she was dead, but the cult waited three minutes more, before sending a diver to pull her up.

Her badly damaged body was laid on the cold white sheet, which they used to wrap her. Brother Matthew picked her up gently, and took her to the others while the cult leader spoke to his followers.

“Another worthy sacrifice, sent to our lords in hope that they will not turn on us for food. Let us pray to them, to remember their covenant, to protect their subjects from death by their various forms. From the harsh heat of the sun, to the dryness and emptiness of our Lord Water. Let us pray that our sacrifice would not be in vain!”

The cult bent their heads in prayer to their lords.


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