It hurt to fall, and even more to try to stand up. The blow had caught him in his solar plexus and it winded him. He groaned and tried to get back up. A bat struck him on the side of his head. Lights out.

When the cops came, they found him badly beaten. Broken nose, swollen temple, burst lip. They called for an ambulance to take him away.

When he woke up, he was in a hospital bed. His head was pounding, and his sides were aching. A doctor walked in, told him he was badly beaten but he would recover. Told him the only complicated injuries were a few cracked ribs and a broken arm, but he would be okay in a few months.

The doctor asked him what happened, he told him he had been mugged when he tried to save a lady from being mugged. The doctor had rolled his eyes and told him he should’ve called the cops. He told the doctor that they may not have been there in time. The doctor shook his head slowly and told him he was no Batman. Alex Fry laughed, and that brought about pain to his sides. He winced, but he kept on laughing. The doctor walked away from him, muttering something.

Alex stopped laughing and closed his eyes.

Not Batman. . . No, but I’m a freaking good citizen. . Not only the cops that can stop this kinda stuff. . . I don’t need a freaking suit to be a good guy. . .

He groaned in pain, and tried to sleep it off.


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