Not Forgotten – C. Hunley

Brisk pastoral fog slept calmly over the clear savanna dawnscape, sunrise rays accenting the low, dewy clouds, blanketing the waking grassland with their gentle mist. Stillness blessed the air, crisp chill quelling cricket song. Peaceful daybreak—circle of life’s timeless morning. The elephant graveyard lay at rest, for watchful was their guard. Since youth, Xavi had … Continue reading Not Forgotten – C. Hunley


Why Not Just Turn it On? – K. Gillespie

  “Why not just turn it on?” asked the young professor whose name in English was written as Stimy Exard (while it may have been written that way it was probably pronounced differently). “To what end?” Stimy's colleague, professor Mothy Andylleman (whose name would similarly be incomprehensible to the average Englishmen), shouted back. “Maybe it … Continue reading Why Not Just Turn it On? – K. Gillespie

It’s Alive – H. Humphreys

  Frank flopped exhausted into his 1970s mustard-plaid rocking chair, the cotton-wool upholstery buckling under his towering 8-foot frame. Coming from the kitchen, Elsa appeared in the living room doorway. “Oh, honey,” she sympathized, hurrying to her husband. She bent down to remove his tan wingtips. “Poor thing, how are you dear? Rough day?” Frank … Continue reading It’s Alive – H. Humphreys

The Ones Who Walk Away from Ethereum – L. Kincaid

I blink as my eyes adjust, squinting into the twilight and studying the shadowy forms that loom in the void before us. The dome is huge, far more cavernous on the inside than it appears from without. The walls arc away above us, bowing almost imperceptibly inward before fading into the gloom above. To either … Continue reading The Ones Who Walk Away from Ethereum – L. Kincaid

And a Bottle Of…

Blackbeard was nothing if not merciful, and so honored his sailors by sparing them any false pleasantries. “Sailors!” he cried, his snarling speech echoing across the silent deck, “Hear my words!” The cowering crew froze at the booming voice of the dread captain—their grim arbiter—as he loomed menacingly over the helm. Blackbeard was the tyrannical … Continue reading And a Bottle Of…