My Son Brought Something Home From the Woods pt. 1

Saw this on Reddit. With Halloween right around the corner, we thought this would be the perfect way to start getting scared…


My husband and I always wanted our son to be adventurous. We wanted to watch him grow up asking questions about everything, seeking out answers, and looking for adventure. It seems like whenever parents have a deep desire for how they want their children to be, their children instinctively know and go the complete opposite direction.

As Sam grew up, he became very introverted and would actively ask when it was time for bed. He loved to sleep, and our doctor gave a lot of explanations. All the illnesses had been checked and crossed out before he said “I think he just likes to get away from reality. He likes his dreams more than he enjoys life.” This was at the age of eight.

This actually depressed us as parents. What could be so wrong, so uninteresting about his life that he would come home and just sleep?

The doctor recommended that we plan family activities that were geared towards him as a way to engage him in life. “Give him something to be excited about after school.”

So, for our very first trip, we decided we would go on a hike. The mountains were about an hour away, and we considered this a mild introduction to our new family habit. When we told Sam where we were going, he was ecstatic. We knew then that hiking had been the right activity.

To be Continued…

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