Reddit Writing Prompt – 9/28


Haven’t you ever just wanted to be bad?

[WP] You want to be a bad guy; a real supervillain. You have powers and abilities. You’ve spent a fortune on making your costume. You have a clever name and origin story. You have everything you need to be a great bad guy, but you just can’t seem to be a dick to people


9 thoughts on “Reddit Writing Prompt – 9/28

  1. So what exactly is the prompt? Are we supposed to write a story where we are the “bad guy,” — or where we try and fail to be a “bad guy?” — or something else? This is thoroughly confusing.


      1. Is there a word limit or any other kind of limiting criteria involved? Or an end date for writing the story? Are we supposed to post the story on our own blog and link back to anyone particular? I’ve never seen a writing prompt quite like this one with no connections to anyone else. Maybe it’s just me, but it seemed like something was missing in the details. And I don’t know any other bloggers who are working on this prompt who might be able to tell me. I tried to find a link to another site that might have more information, but I couldn’t find one in that post. So if there is anything else involved, maybe you can let me know. Thank you.


      2. Okay. I understand. Just never did his one before, and I’ve always been associated with prompts that needed to be linked somewhere. I’ll have to write about this now, since I’ve invested so much time and energy in it. 🙂 Thanks.


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