LZ Hell – Nate Parker

Check out this submission based off of today’s Reddit Writing Prompt:


Lieutenant Colonel Anthony Gale had grown weary of the pits of Hades. He was tired of pummeling demons in a drunken stupor. After 174 years even that became tiresome. He was ornery and itching for a real fight. The last minor fiend he had pummeled into submission begged him to stop, offered him information.

“What’cha got ya little shite-stain?” he bellowed at the whimpering imp.

It belched brimstone and blood from its mouth, “More… more Marines. Being held… in the southern chamber on this…. wretch level.”

LtCol Gale grinned and pondered that bit of information for a moment, “Hmmm. I do so tire of his Infernal Majesty sending you squat horse droppings to annoy me. Perhaps it is time for a change of leadership. Monroe and Congress didn’t want me as Commandant, but to hell if their will be done down here!”

Striding to the gate of his chamber, imp in hand, he pressed the wretched creature against the bars, “I’m done with this one!”

The gatekeeper sauntered over and sighed, “Less time than the last one, Anthony?”

“Of course, Syd. Now take him away.” The large, porcine demon opened the gate, fully expecting LtCol Gale to just toss a carcass out like he always did. Instead, this time the man who’d spent nearly 200 years in hell, drunk off demon-wine lept out and set upon his captor with piss and vigor. Fists pummeled into the red ogre who was unused to resistance in this wing. Gale clawed at his eyes until the beast was blind, then reached down and pulled the red-faced demon’s throat away from it’s body with a hearty tug.

Hands drenched in black blood, Gale stood to a sight he had not seen in nearly forever. Halls outside his cell. The minor imp sat cowering on the floor, hoping to be ignored. The salty old Marine pulled a belt off his vanquished foe and fashioned a leash for the foolish toad. “What is your name, imp?”

“Greezel,” it responded, choking slightly on the collar.

“Lead me to these Marines, Greezel. Lead me to all the Marines in Hell and I shall let you live.”

(I only had 30 min to write a quick tale, but I shall expand more later if anyone is interested.)

  • Originally posted on Reddit. Find more works by Nate by following him on Reddit: u/Nate_Parker

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