A Forest of Eyes – Joel Funderburg


Check out this excerpt from “A Forest of Eyes” by Joel Funderburg

“High on the wind, I heard it, some feral cry in the night, emanating from the forest of shadows behind me. I looked back, past the white eye of the lighthouse, and gazed deep into the tangled forest when I felt it like a hand on my shoulder. Down in the woods, darting in and out of the moonlight was a creature. Perhaps a raccoon or fox, or maybe even the creature Ezekiel had mentioned all those months ago. Hands trembling, I raised the spyglass to my eye and peered into the darkness.

Whatever it was kept to the larger shadows of the surrounding trees, its head low to the ground as if searching for something. I watched its erratic movements for several minutes, when, after consigning it to be only a dumb beast, it looked up, and, through the lens of the spyglass, saw me with red eyes of fire and rage.”

Intrigued? The whole story can be found here: https://joelfunderburg.com/a-forest-of-eyes/


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