The Box

Harry held a wood box in his hands, darkness surrounding him with a small unseen light illuminating him. In his head a voice spoke, “Do not open the box.” The voice did not stop, but Harry couldn’t listen. He lifted the lid. Inside he found darkness, the inside of the box went on forever. Deep … Continue reading The Box


Reddit Writing Prompt – 9/28

Haven't you ever just wanted to be bad? [WP] You want to be a bad guy; a real supervillain. You have powers and abilities. You've spent a fortune on making your costume. You have a clever name and origin story. You have everything you need to be a great bad guy, but you just can't … Continue reading Reddit Writing Prompt – 9/28

The Scroll of Eugenius – I

He walked into the tavern for the first time in nearly a year. It was a place he had frequented often in the past, and the smell of stale ale, roasting meat, and wood smoke brought back a rush of memories. He glanced over to the back corner of the room, which was nestled in … Continue reading The Scroll of Eugenius – I

Reddit Writing Prompt – 9/26

Thought this one would be fun, considering you would have no idea who or what all the characters you interacted with were talking to.   [WP] You live in a world where every character, except yourself, breaks the fourth wall all the time.   Share your short story response to this prompt with us, and … Continue reading Reddit Writing Prompt – 9/26

‘Dear Sarah’ – Sullivan Ballou, a Civil War soldier

So I was watching Ken Burns' documentary on the Civil War this evening. It's one of the greatest pieces of television I've ever seen, and I will routinely throw it on for background noise while I work. I wasn't paying any particular attention as the North mobilized to face the South at the battle of … Continue reading ‘Dear Sarah’ – Sullivan Ballou, a Civil War soldier

A Forest of Eyes – Joel Funderburg

Check out this excerpt from "A Forest of Eyes" by Joel Funderburg "High on the wind, I heard it, some feral cry in the night, emanating from the forest of shadows behind me. I looked back, past the white eye of the lighthouse, and gazed deep into the tangled forest when I felt it like … Continue reading A Forest of Eyes – Joel Funderburg