Character Creation D&D style


SO I’ve created my character. For those who know me, it will come as no surprise that I chose human as my race, or paladin as my class. What can I say? I wish that I lived in a time where I could be a knight errant, and seeing as those days no longer exist, I will live vicariously through whichever game I can.

In addition to my race and class, I was able to choose a background. This background gives you access to personality traits, bonds, ideals, and flaws, all things which define your character. These I selected by the roll of a die. They weren’t necessarily the ones I would have chosen, but it’s great because it gives my character an unexpected depth that I need to take into consideration when we play. Because I’m a writer, I am excited about the next part. I get to write the backstory for my character. I don’t know if the others in my group are going to do that, but in my opinion it is their loss…Who knows, I might even write one for them.

So, Yelderiv is a Human Paladin of Noble descent. His defining personality trait is that he takes great pains to keep up with the current fashions (not me by a long shot). His ideal is that he wants to prove himself and make his way in the world without the coddling of his family. His bond is that he is unswervingly loyal to his sovereign. Lastly, his flaw is that he sees veiled insults behind every word and is therefore quick to anger.

What I love about these random choices is that they are character traits I would have never chosen, primarily because they are not things I have experience with. The last time I cared about my fashion was when I realized that wearing a sweat shirt with the same colored sweat pants looked ridiculous. Having a character that is vain about his style and appearance will be intriguing. Since a paladin is supposed to be righteous and confident and faithful, the fact that he is quick to anger and suspicious of people’s motives means he is imperfect. If he distrusts those he is with, can he be counted on to defend them unquestioningly?

I love the randomness of character creation that this game has opened up to me. I want to find a way to use this in all my works, to create characters that I couldn’t possibly have imagined. Why did I wait so long to start playing?

Next Step: Backstory. Stay tuned


3 thoughts on “Character Creation D&D style

  1. I love how you just went with the randomness of the tables in the creation of the character, however the cool thing about DnD 5e is that when it comes to everything, besides mechanics, they are merely suggestions. I love to look at mechanics and shift them to a completely different degree such as the bard who is a lawyer and not a standard entertainer at all, because in ancient Greece lawyers were actors of a sort.
    And since backgrounds give those tables always feel free to take those as examples and create your own do the character you want to play!

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